10 Businesses to Start in Your 20s

a young entrepreneur starting business

If the entrepreneur bug is tickling you for a few weeks, it is time to listen to it and not abide by society’s norms that you shouldn’t venture into business until you hit 30. The 20s are for hustling, experimenting, and trying out new ideas, and giving your enthusiasm a golden chance.

Youngsters are full of energy and ideas in their 20s, and it is not fair if you stifle them with a stubborn 9-5 job. Just kick off the mediocre, don’t be scared of failure, and hit the business industry with your bright ideas. 

But is there any right business idea to start when you are in your 20s? For example, someone might suggest not to venture into the IT industry or seek extensive experience before launching your own clothing brand. Is it true and justified? Is there a suitable business niche designed for people in their 20s? Believe me; there is no right or incorrect venture; you can start any business at any age, provided you are determined and confident of your idea.

At the beginning try out some home based businesses and later on you can take it to next level by implementing right strategy at the right time.

However, due to the digital sensation and the upcoming business trends, we have sorted a few suitable business ideas for people in their 20s. It doesn’t mean you cannot try out any other mentioned in the given list; you are free. But if you need an extra nudge for your idea, the following could be a strong inspiration. 

Here are 10 Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

1. Become a YouTube Celebrity 

You have puns and jokes that make others laugh. You have wisdom you want others to understand. You have ideas about games and technology that people like to learn from you. You have profound knowledge about plants or home décor, and you would like to share it with the world. 

YouTube doesn’t need you to be of a certain age, and so, it could be one of the best online business ideas. You can expand your presence on social media and become an internet celebrity. Let us tell you that there is no formula to internet success, and it might take years or even a fortnight to become viral. But if you love sharing your knowledge or life with the world, you can start it as a side hustle while you study and transform it into a business later. 

2. Start a Small Catering Business

Food is your passion, and you are a good host. You have parties at your place often, and your friends love the pasta and kiwi pies you make. Well, then, you must try your hands at accepting catering orders. It could be small and within your network initially. We bet it will give you hands-on experience in how to start a business and how to work for a client. 

The returns will be pretty decent and depend on how you handle your expenses and how much you charge. But don’t worry, within a few orders, you will get the hang of the entire process, and you can earn really well. 

3. Teach a Skill Online

We understand that the pandemic situation is unconvincing for anyone to start a new business, no matter how old they are. But if you have a skill, you should not be wasting your precious time waiting for the situation to get normal. It does not matter which part of the United States you live; you can teach anyone from any corner of the world. 

The basic essentials you need to have are – a skill in which you are immensely proficient and has a surging demand in the world, technical resources, and sufficient time. Invest in creating worksheets or course materials for your students and associated with online learning platforms like Udemy. You will never know when this business will take a huge form, and you will be known as a world-class trainer. 

4. Become a Blogger 

Cooking doesn’t entice you, nor does technology. But you always wanted to write, and you have managed to write only for your higher education? Why not take it as a passion and get into the blogging business! Let us tell you the truth. Becoming a blogger isn’t a full-time occupation, but if you collect other income buckets such as content writing services, copywriting services, and writing eBooks, you can earn a decent income with this hobby of yours. 

It is advisable to brush up on your editing skills as every client looks for quality and perfection in work. You can keep exploring different streams of writing, such as screenwriting, whenever you think you have fallen into a rut. 

5. Provide Website Designing Services

Working for a corporation as a full-time website designer sounds energy-draining as you won’t be given liberty to execute your designs. But if you become a freelance website designer and start a small brand of your own, you could seek freedom to tap your creative choices. 

Ensure that you have created and designed a few websites to show as valid samples to your future clients. Word-of-mouth publicity works in getting clients, but it will not take many costs or effort to create a profile on online freelancing platforms. Each business needs a website to prove its online presence, and so, there will be no dearth of clients in the future. You can keep moving! 

6. Become an App Developer

Even if a business organization swears but its official website, apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst users across the world. YouTube celebrities, storytellers, fitness enthusiasts, and meal delivery and cab hire companies – all need an app to show their existence and provide incredible services to the clients. If the website is not particularly your thing, you should certainly venture into app creation and provision services. Get some new app ideas and start the development process.

Please note that not all businesses would like to have an app, no matter how hard you try to convince them. But finding clients through friends or network could be an issue. If you post a profile on freelancing platforms, you have a higher chance of tapping clients. So, try to widen the promotion avenues of your business and target those small businesses that rely on a fully functional app. 

7. Provide Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is a vast domain, and anyone who wants to start a business in it has excellent potential to grow and thrive in the industry. First, you cannot do it all; you will need a team to take care of several elements of digital marketing, such as social media management, running ad campaigns, and others. 

Secondly, spread the word in your network, carry your business cards or brochures wherever you go because each business needs a digital marketer to take care of the said services. As the digital marketing field is a broad spectrum, it is essential for you to be vigilant and understand each business type carefully. For instance, you cannot apply the same strategy for a clothing brand owner and a fitness enthusiast. There has to be a difference in how you handle their social accounts or run FB campaigns for them. Hence, the more understanding you have about a business, the better it is for your client base. 

8. Teach a Sport

You are not the nerd type, always at a deskspace, rummaging through the mails and stuff to learn. You are someone who would like to be on the grounds every morning and learn or teach a few tips about football or basketball, any sport you like. Probably, you should not think that business is not your thing as it is for everyone, nerds and non-nerds alike. You simply need to channelize your physical energy and sport skills in teaching students and earning a reasonable amount of revenue out of it. 

A sports trainer, a football coach, a swimming coach – you have ample opportunities in front of you, provided you know how to transform your hobby into a commercial venture. You will be living your dream and helping others to achieve their fitness goals. 

9. Teach a Musical Instrument

If you live a life based on rhythms and love your musical instruments like ever, you should be diving into training students how to play the same. Online learning platforms are looking out for music trainers. Hence, instead of working for an institution in Kansas and limiting your student reach, it is advisable to go online and connect with learners from across the world. 

You can even start a YouTube Channel, connect with online platforms or set up your own courses on the internet. Dive into it; we are sure you will notice more avenues open for your talent. 

10. Develop your Own Brand

In your 20s, you might be scared that you won’t be able to launch a perfect brand. But instead of being late and never starting your business, it is better to commit a few errors now. Go ahead and launch your brand – a clothing line, an organic product brand, or a personal growth brand. It depends on you in which genre you would like to venture. 

In short, your 20s are dashing, and you should not be wasting time in watching Netflix on your couch. Instead, grab the opportunity and harness your skills and get into business. A few obstacles might bother you but they will secretly inform you that you are on the right track! All the best!