10 Businesses You Can Start Under $10000

Even if the world is entangled by the pandemic and the business world, you can still start up with a creative business idea and establish your brand identity. You do not need a million dollars to create a million-dollar business. You might need only 10k dollars to establish a full-fledged business and spread your brand identity. 

But this doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. When you put money into a business, you also have to put consistent efforts into the same. You should be clear about the direction where you would like to take your business operations. Even if hundreds of business ideas are available, you should be able to pick up one that motivates you to take the next step. 

Profitable business ideas that can be started in less than 10,000 dollars are:- 

1. Become a Personal Fitness Trainer or a Nutrition Coach 

This business idea is crucial these days when most of us are sitting at home and working on our projects and are also concerned about our immunity and overall well-being. If you have the necessary qualifications and certifications, you can find your way to becoming a health and fitness coach. 

It is a low investment business and will not even take $5000 to start this business. You can even go completely digital and reduce the investment required. If you have certification, your business will look more credible, and you can gain clients easily. Ensure that you mention your details completely and accurately on the online website. Free social media ads and word-of-mouth publicity can also help you seek clients. You can earn a decent income from the start. 

2. Become a Party or an Event Planner

When everything is back to normal, people will not stop socializing and interacting with people. Parties will still exist in the future normal world, though the number of people allowed will be less. You can take this advantage and start a small business catering to small-scale parties and events. Even if the party has less than 25 guests, you can manage it under $10,000 without any difficulties. 

Promoting your business won’t be a major hassle if you have good contacts and networks. You can first arrange parties for your friends and relatives and take the business to the next level. 

3. Start a Pet Sitting Business

If you love pets and want to take care of them in exchange for some cash, the pet sitting business is a fabulous business idea. A dog and cat boarding school seem like a huge business venture, and it could consume a lot of space and time of yours. But you can quickly start a pet sitting business without much capital. Of course, the capital requirement will be less than $5000.  

You can make your home comfortable for the pets to play and rest. Business owners with huge homes or with another accommodation facility have an advantage. You can even visit the pet owner’s place and offer your services so that the pet feels comfortable in their space with you. You can hire pet sitters and provide the same services, but you might need reliable and trustworthy people. Pet owners are very conscious of their pet requirements, and taking care of pets is a massive responsibility. Be sure of that. 

4. Become a Social Media Consultant

So many businesses of all sizes are coming up; they all need to harness the power of social media channels to seek clients and increase their revenue. But not all of them have the resources to maintain a presence on all social media channels. They either have to hire someone to manage social media or seek a consultant’s assistance. 

When you open a consultancy firm, you have to manage all social media channels, online campaigns, and promotions for clients. You can cater to several types of businesses, or you can pick up a niche such as apparel business and work for clients belonging to this industry type. 

It won’t take more than $4000 for you to set up the business. Even if social media is free, you will have to subscribe to certain services and hire interns or full-time staff. But we can undoubtedly say that it is manageable, and if you are a pro in digital marketing services and social media management, you should optimize your skills. 

5.Open a Residential or Commercial Cleaning Service

Cleaning, sanitation, hygiene has become of prime importance for all households and commercial undertakings. You can start small and invest $5000-7000 and start with cleaning households. You will need a lot of cleaning supplies, solutions, machinery, tools, and resources to start. But remember that machinery and tools will be a long-time business expenditure. 

You can focus on the present needs and promise to sanitize and disinfect the homes and commercial premises of your clients. If your customers are concerned about green cleaning products, you can customize your services accordingly. 

6. Open a Yoga and Meditation Center

You can open a yoga or meditation center or provide both the teachings in one place itself. If you are a firm believer in the power of yoga and meditation, you will love this business idea. You will not feel that you are running a business but helping people upgrade their lives. 

You will need to invest in a sufficiently large space, a few yoga mats and equipment, and hire an expert to teach these skills. You can also be a Yoga teacher in the initial days. It is a lucrative business, and it will always keep you in good shape and a healthy mindset. 

7. Become a soap and Organic Product Seller

The art of soap making is divine, and you can learn the science easily in the comfort of your home. You can create authentic soaps and sell them online. If you are willing to explore a bit in this field, you can make essential oils, body creams, face moisturizers at your place to sell them as organic beauty care products. There is a surging requirement for such products, and people would love to buy from you if you are true to your words. 

Soap-making can be done even at home, but for other organic products, you will need raw materials. If you get big orders, you need to hire someone as your assistant but ensure that you don’t share all your secrets with the newbie. 

8. Start a Healthy Meal Delivery Service

It is not easy to start a healthy meal service as you will have to consider the dietary requirements of the customers. Moreover, consistency is the key. If you do not deliver quality food for more than a day, customers will lose trust in you. 

The material requirement is high as you need organic and healthy food items to prepare meals. You will need larger vessels to cook and containers to dispatch meals to the customers. In short, the investment is less than $10,000, but you have the potential to grow this business. 

You will be a meal provider for so many customers, and they will be more than happy to have you for a longer duration. So, maintain your standards of food quality and service, and you will never run out of clients. 

9. Become an Image Consultant

No matter how dynamic or smart a person is, he has to portray a pleasing image to the onlookers. You could be the one guiding a person on how to improve his or her personality, enhance his or her appearance, dress for success and build etiquette. 

Understand that you could be having clients from all walks of lives and hence, you should be accepting all professionals and cultural backgrounds. Moreover, you need to build a favourable online presence as the clients will double-check your standing in the industry. If you have a physical office space, you have more benefits as you can conduct image management sessions. You can also be a trainer in corporate or a visiting trainer at institutions. 

10. Start a Landscaping and Gardening Business

If your budget is less than $10000, then you can surely provide gardening or landscaping services to the households. You do not have to always think of the bigger pictures of gardens shown in movies or magazines. You can be simplistic yet charming and have customized designs for your customers. Not every customer wants their garden to look like images on Pinterest. Many of them want their gardens to be minimal yet attractive, and you could be the one offering a perfect landscape design for them. 

It will take around $8000 to start with a landscaping or gardening business, depending upon the clients you have at the start. 

The above 10 business ideas are revenue-generating and can be started today with less than $10000. You just need to pick up an idea that drives you and keep you in the momentum when you are in the business.