10 Education and Training Based Business Ideas You can Start Today

Business is not limited to the conventions industries. Nowadays, education and training sectors have also become lucrative business options for entrepreneurs across the globe. You might be having expertise in a particular education sector, such as music or soft skills, and you wish to spread this knowledge to others. Yes, it could be a profitable venture, provided you believe in your skills and competency. 

No matter what kind of world issue hits our globe, education and training sectors will never go down. Due to the advanced digital technology, education continues to seek momentum, and people aim to seek more and more knowledge. The global pandemic hit in 2020, but you could find a rising number of students on online learning platforms and institutions. People sitting at home were trying to expand their knowledge base instead of worrying excessively about the world post-pandemic. 

So, if you want to initiate a business focused on education or training options, then the following are some of the attractive options. We do not suggest you pick up something that is really trending but choose one that makes you happy and deeply involved in the business.

Know your skills and know in which skills people would be interested. So, let us begin. 

Profitable business ideas in education sector are as follows:-

1. Start an online learning platform (preferably through the app)

People are interested in upgrading their lives and elevating their careers to the next levels. But this is possible only when they update their skills and improve overall knowledge? It could be coding or transitioning to a completely different career such as digital arts. Moreover, people don’t believe in paper-based qualifications or degrees; they look for how they can improve their skills and put them into real action. 

Skill-learning platforms such as SkillShare, Skillsoft, and Udemy have a huge demand from worldwide students. Hence, building such a platform can help you to grow your business. You can either start a full-fledged learning platform consisting of all kinds of skills. You could niche down and focus on technical or arts-related subjects. 

We strongly recommend opening up a platform through the app. This is because apps are powerful and can be easily accessible by students from any corner of the world. Another suggestion is to create excellent quality videos and not compromise on the materials you provide. Students should seek something valuable from every hour they spend on your platform. 

2. Stress management, emotional health, and mindfulness courses

This sounds like an off-beat topic in the education sector, but we are sure people need this badly. The global pandemic witnessed thousands of people going through terrible feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and others. And hence, one of the business ideas is to start stress management courses, meditation courses, workshops to combat depression, mindfulness training, slow living courses, and others. 

People prefer to use apps for meditation and mindfulness, and hence, you can surely start one that works. Ensure that you have free trial plans in the beginning to gain the trust of the customers. Also, create high-quality courses that keep the students engrossed in your learning. 

3. Start a music school

No matter what happens in the world, music thrives and keeps entertaining the people. You can find that there is an increasing number of people who like to listen to music and learn it. Music is for everyone – those who want to learn and convert it into a profession and those who want to play music as a hobby. 

Our suggestion is to hire highly talented professionals as music teachers. You can have a physical set-up as a music school backed with online support. 

4. Open a preschool or a private nursery school

An entrepreneur interested in the education sector should consider opening a preschool or nursery for toddlers. You can start a day-care centre or an early childcare centre adjoining the pre-school. You can find that both the parents are working these days to meet the means. Hence, they are careful in choosing a nursery or a pre-school and would go for options with day-care facilities too. 

We suggest being very conscious of the staff selection and setting up of the facility as people would think twice before enrolling their little one in a school. 

5. An app to help people find tutors for all skills

This business idea is much different from the first one. In the initial idea, you have all the courses on your app, and your task is to find students for the same. But in this business idea, you have a huge database of teachers, tutors, and trainers. Students can enrol on your app and get connected with a suitable trainer from whom they want to learn. 

Our suggestion is to conduct stringent due diligence of the trainers you will have on your app, as they will be your strongest assets. 

6. Become an e-book writer 

We don’t undermine the paperbacks, but e-books are powerful in this internet age. If you are a true and aspiring writer and want to get into the business, you can write books related to education, such as how to code, how to become a leader, how to start a business, and so on. The process is easy, the returns are good, and you seek a reputation too in the market. 

If you are already a published writer, you can hop on to eBooks. It might take some time to become famous, but you should not stop writing and publishing. 

7. Start a blog

Now, we refer to education and training-related blogs and not the generic ones. You can start a blog on how to study, how to learn new skills, how to meditate, how to repair mobile phones. If possible, you can start your full-fledged brand and create some supporting videos too for your blog content. 

It takes time for the blog to be popular, but you can use social media to spread your knowledge globally. 

8. Open a Skill Development Center

This is much different from the first idea as it deals with online skill learning. Certain skills cannot be taught online but face-to-face. For instance, if a woman wants to learn about spas and grooming, she cannot do it online. Similarly, skills such as packing and packaging, cooking, carpentry, computer training, arts and crafts, dance, fashion design, mobile and computer repair, etc., can be taught at the Skill Development Center. 

It will need substantial investment and full attention, but we are sure that the returns are attractive enough. Moreover, if you want to do a benevolent act for those in need, this centre will help you accomplish your selfless motive. 

9. An app where students can find all the learning materials 

Even if most of the textbooks and academic papers are available on the internet, students need a platform to access them easily. You can create an online library specifically for the educational and learning requirements of the students. 

You can set up subscription plans along with cool referral ideas to attract more students to your online library. Yes, it needs to be an app. Students love apps! 

10. Specific employee training courses

Corporates and business entities are sure about what they want from an employee. But a student graduating from college need not necessarily have the same set of skills. The students need to be groomed for job purposes, and they should know how to work in a corporate set-up. Corporate training courses or employee training courses are a great idea, especially if you have the relevant experience. 

You can contact the employers and set up courses over there. We promise you the returns and the experience will be amazing. 

In a nutshell, all these education and training-based business ideas are promising and can transform your life as a budding entrepreneur. We hope you will follow the suggestions we have provided in this article. All the best! 


1. What is an education and training based business?

A education and training based business is a business that provides educational or training services to individuals, groups, or organizations. Examples include private tutoring, test preparation, educational software development, language instruction, and corporate training programs.

2. What are the benefits of starting an education and training based business?

The benefits of starting an education and training based business include the potential to generate a steady income, the ability to help others learn and grow, and the opportunity to be your own boss.

3. What qualifications are needed to start an education and training based business?

In order to start an education and training based business, you will need qualifications related to the type of training or educational services you plan to offer. This can include degrees, certificates, or specialized training in the subject matter you plan to teach.

4. What is the best way to market an education and training based business?

Marketing an education and training based business requires a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies. This can include creating a website, optimizing for search engine rankings, utilizing social media platforms, and creating content such as blogs and videos to share with potential customers.

5. How can I maintain motivation and keep learners engaged?

Maintaining motivation and keeping learners engaged is an important part of running an effective education and training business. You need to find ways to offer value and create an engaging learning experience through digital, interactive techniques.

6. What types of learning and assessment methods should I use?

The learning and assessment methods you should use will depend on the type of training and type of learners you are targeting. You should consider a range of activities from traditional face-to-face training to online assessments and gamification-based activities.

7. How do I ensure my courses are up-to-date and relevant to learners?

It is important to keep your education and training courses up-to-date and relevant. This involves staying on top of the latest research and trends in the industry and making sure your content reflects changes and developments.

8. What are the best methods for marketing and promoting my courses?

There are a range of methods you can use to market and promote your courses and business. These include creating promotional content, using social media and other digital channels, and building relationships with other businesses and organizations.

9. How do I ensure my courses and services meet the required industry standards?

To ensure your courses and services meet required industry standards, you should stay current with relevant legislation, regulations, and industry best practices. You also need to use quality assurance processes to make sure you are delivering high-quality products and services.