20 Business Ideas and Opportunities in North Carolina

If you like to start a business with the lowest costs as much as possible, then North Carolina is the state for you. Do you know the government in North Carolina provides sufficient liberty for a person to carry out business activities, offers decent tax rates, a healthy fiscal policy, and limited budgetary constraints? No, it is not a dreamland, but it is a small state in the United States with loads of opportunities for newbie business people. 

But this doesn’t mean you can venture into any kind of business you are not interested in or randomly get into any venture without sufficient planning. If you have a premise in your mind, make it solid. Identify your why – the primary reasons you want to start a business. The business idea should be related to your passion, should be unique from others, and must have market potential. For example, if you start a daycare center, there should be an adequate number of kids in your area whose both parents are working and are looking for a similar facility. 

If you do not consider the above factors, you might end up in a business organization that you don’t like or do not have an equal market demand. Now, this is the time to explore the possible business opportunities in North Carolina. 

1. Start an Interior Designing firm

Every household looks out for avenues to get their house decorated beautifully. If you have skills and qualifications in interior designing, you can offer relevant services to your clients. Believe us; the profits are high as affluent clients will be willing to pay to get their houses to stand out amongst friends and colleagues. If you also offer an excellent workforce to get the designs into reality, you can charge higher and provide better services. 

2. Start a Storage Facility

Sometimes, houses and backyards turn out to be inadequate to store belongings. It might happen even if a household has more belongings or inherited an ancestor’s belongings and has a greater number of family members. You will need a safe and huge space to accommodate the requirements of all clients. Moreover, you need to take care of their belongings, such as cleaning and doing pest control regularly to keep all the storage in proper condition. In the case of delicate items, you can provide extra packaging facilities at extra costs. 

3. Start a Pre-school

Pre-schools are never enough due to the increasing number of children these days. If you like to teach kids and develop innovative ways to help them learn, this business idea is for you. You can venture into any pre-schooling business such as pre-schools or a nursery as per your preferences. Competent and dedicated staff, new creative methods of teaching, excellent interaction levels with parents – all these are important things to do while starting a pre-school. You can treat it more as a passion and not just a profession if you want higher profits. Being too business-minded won’t help you. 

4. Install several Vending Machines

An automatic vending machine is a great tool as it requires less investment, no specialized labor and helps earn more profits. If you have a budget, you can set up numerous bending machines across a city or the state of North Carolina selling a particular item or a range of items. The profits are good, the maintenance and expenses are less, and you need not indulge in any marketing activities. However, ensure that the placement of these machines is good, or else it won’t fetch sales. Attracting customers’ attention and selling something unique and needful is the key to more sales. 

5. Start a Car Wash Service

People in North Carolina love and own cars, and they would also like to maintain them. However, car wash at home as a DIY approach is not a feasible plan as it does not offer perfect results. You can provide professional car wash services and help clients seek sparkling and hygienic cars. You might need a small setup if you wish to cater to a fewer number of clients. But our only suggestion is to hire trained staff and purchase high-quality car washing equipment for the said purposes. 

6. Start a Decluttering and Organization service

It is a truth that most Americans are trying to switch to minimalism, but they need assistance to get rid of the things that do not create joy. You can become the lifesaver and help them declutter their spaces, including backyards and storerooms. You won’t need any special workforce or equipment; time is the only thing you need to invest in this business. 

It could be overwhelming to declutter and clean the spaces; hence we will suggest offering cleaning services as well. Moreover, you will need intense planning skills to do the job. 

7. Open an Online Apparel Store

Apparel is the basic need of all people, including Americans. And if you provide them with loads of options, excellent quality, sustainable clothing, you can grab more clients. You can focus on a specific category such as men’s clothing or sell it to everyone, including men, women, and kids. An online store helps you reach more audiences in a short span. You can add it with an offline or physical store. While conducting this business, it is important to promote as you cannot expect too many walk-ins or visitors every day. You will need to put effort into it. 

8. Become a Mobile Game Developer

This is the most lucrative business venture idea but is not discussed much. For example, you might be aware of all the game rules, how to play them, top game developers, and much more information. But can you create a game? Let us get to the creators’ side and earn revenue and not simply consume our time with the game-playing activities. You can create game apps for all kinds of applications. Of course, technical knowledge is a must, and you need to be updated with the latest trends as well. 

9. Start a Kid’s Fun Center

If a daycare center does not interest you, you can start a simple fun center itself. It will be meaningful yet entertaining activities for children such as games, study sessions, and so on. You can keep it short yet effective for 2 hours. We are sure parents would love to enroll in your center as they want their kids to be social and engaged. You can even set up a gymnasium, especially for kids, if your intention is to train them physically. 

10. Start a Moving Service

We all know how hectic and tiring it is to move from one house to another with all your heavy as well as delicate belongings. You can ask your friends to help, but they won’t be available all the time. Instead, people hire a moving service. If you are interested in a similar kind of business, then you can start it in North Carolina and help people move from one city to another. You need to invest in a truck, a full-fledged website, competent staff, and a system to take care of all the moving procedures. You can even remove cars and other vehicles if a customer requests. 

11. Set up a Construction Business

Let us inform you, this business requires substantial capital, knowledge, workforce and is surely not a tiny idea. You need to be intuitive to start a construction business in any city in North Carolina. But if you have the vision, you are good to go! You can build commercial or residential properties or both and sell them to clients. A highly profitable concern, this business is indeed a dream for many business entrepreneurs out there. 

12. Start a Roof Repair Service

As you can find numerous houses in North Carolina, all need roof repairs or installation at some point. People need houses with solid roofs for a comfortable living, and they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to professionals. You can start a roof installation and repair service in North Carolina and sell or repair roofs accordingly. You can even sell roof materials for the house owners to install the roof on their own. This business requires you to possess technical knowledge, sufficient capital, and skilled staff. The returns are good, but you need to make the customers be aware of your business operations. 

13. Start a Device Repair Company

Every individual faces a device crisis in their life. It could be the smartphone shattering down or the laptop crashing down. The only thing they can think of at such times is to approach a device repair company. You can come to the rescue and help people resolve challenges arising in all kinds of computers, laptops, and other devices. Technical knowledge, skilled and trained staff, timely delivery, and friendly service – all these things will help you earn reputation and revenue in this business. Even if IT repairs are tricky, you need to find ways to keep your clients happy with timely and efficient repair services. 

14. Open a Cafe or a Mini Bar

The intention of your business is not to serve drinks or excellent beverages. Of course, you will be doing that, but you need to create a cozy and pleasant environment for your customers to hang out at your café or bar. No need to be huge, something spacious and has the perfect ambiance for your guests. You can conduct events, introduce new themes, and include interesting menus at your place. People love to spend time and hang out at such places alone or with friends. You can have repeated customers, and they will love to order more from your place. 

15. Start a Handyman Service

We can find several home-related services on the internet, but people will never forget the beloved handymen. You can take a step further and provide a handyman service. You can hire a few professionals or be the only handyman in your company; the decision is yours. But we will suggest buying advanced tools and equipment and marketing your service appropriately to seek clients. You need to find your target audience, for example, senior adults or those who cannot fix things and need assistance. 

16. Set up a Security Agency

North Carolina is full of residential and commercial complexes, museums, hotels, restaurants, etc, and they all need a stringent security policy and staff. When you venture into the security business, you can fulfill all security requirements of these places and entities. Of course, you need to have a highly trained and trusted staff, but you can earn commission from the clients you serve. This is an essential business and requires no significant investment initially, except for the salaries paid to the staff. Even if you cater to a few small businesses or one large multinational, you can earn a reasonable income. 

17. Start an Activity Center

It could be for kids, but we have already included it in the kids’ fun center. You can start an activity center for senior adults and engage them in some leisure games or activities. You can arrange day trips or conduct a poetry reading session. You might not need any huge investment, only a few staff and space are required to conduct all the activities. Also, ensure that you set up this center where senior adults are in an appropriate number and willing to join your venture. 

18. Start an Equipment Rental Business

You can invest in some equipment such as laptops, DVD players or even games and provide them on a rental basis to your customers. They will be happy as they don’t have to buy the said pieces and block their spaces. They can simply rent from you, pay the requisite charges and return to you safely. Even some organizations rent projectors and other devices as they are just starting out and cannot purchase those devices. This is a really good business; you do not need any special workforce, only equipment of excellent quality is sufficient. 

19. Sell Used Cars

Not everyone has the financial freedom to buy a new car. They will prefer the economical and sustainable route of buying a used car but in perfect working condition. You can become a used car dealer and help clients buy such excellent cars within their budgets. You might have to purchase old cars, revamp them a little, and sell them to new customers. Technical knowledge is highly required; moreover, you need to have the skilled and experienced technical staff to do the work. We also recommend setting up a website to help clients know about cars you are selling. 

20. Become a Personal Stylist

Stylists are not hired just by affluent people; even a working person can seek fashion advice and tips from a stylist. You can suggest personal styles, makeup tips and even go and assist in shopping for them. You can hire as per the client’s budget. This is purely a freelance business idea, but you can hire a few assistants and make it a full-fledged one. 

So, there are the 20 business opportunities you will find interesting to tap in North Carolina. You can find more ideas, but we have listed out only the best 20 ones above.