20 Business Ideas that you can Start in Illinois

A popular state, a booming economy, and young people with high disposable incomes – all these calls for more business opportunities in Illinois, including those who want to restrict to small yet unique businesses. It is the 5th most populated state in the United States, and the employment rate is high. So, if you wish to start a service-based business or a product-based one, this is the perfect place to do so.

Following are the 20 profitable business ideas in Illinois that can inspire you to take action: 

1. Open a placement agency

A fascinating venture, a placement agency can help people in Illinois to seek lucrative jobs. As we said, it is a populous state, so why not help the population get the right jobs for which they are perfect? You need to have a degree in Human Resources, relevant and extensive experience, and good contacts. Since this state is home to several businesses, you won’t be short of opportunities. You need to charge a fee and earn income out of it. There are several people who want new jobs or want to change their career streams, and you can help them out. 

2. Start a consultancy service

Consultancy services are of varying types. It could be financial, investment, business management, online marketing, social media, and others. If you are specialized and proficient in any of these and have extensive experience and are confident to help people sort out the same, you need to start a consultancy service today. Since Illinois is full of financially conscious people and business organizations, you can earn your revenue by consulting them. You will never be short of clients, and you can start this business from home. 

3. Become a proofreader

We would like to state that this is not just about proofreading services but also about content and creative writing, copywriting, editing, and so on. If you are proficient in any of these skills, you should not be sitting idle. Since content is the king today, you should go out, tap some clients and let them have a strong online presence through words. You can use freelancing platforms or seek referrals to get the first clients. It might take time to find the first client but don’t worry; you will find them soon. 

4. Start an errand service

Running errands won’t be a challenge for people in Illinois if you are at the service. You can help them buy groceries, pay bills, take the parents to a healthcare expert, or pick up kids from the school. You can run errands for the typical households, new mothers, senior adults, disabled people, and so on. You need to build trustworthy relationships with the people you work with as only then will they assign jobs to you. 

5. Open a cake shop

A bakery business is a great idea for those who love experimenting with the oven and baking delicious cakes and bread. But if you want to limit it only to the cakes, no problem. Open a cake shop at the corner of the street or a prime location. Set a theme every day, cater to birthday parties and events, and launch new flavors and patterns. People will love you. 

6. Start a green cleaning service

If you do not wish to start a typical cleaning service, you can start a green one. People all over the United States, including in Illinois, are more into eco-friendly and healthy cleaning. They will ask you to use organic products that do not harm the environment but still make their houses sparkling clean. Add those to your services, and you will be helping them live a sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle. 

7. Start a property inspection service

If you are into buildings and properties but not into the core real estate business, then a property inspection venture is just for you. You will need to acquire qualifications, certification, license, and other credentials before entering the business. As the real estate business is booming in the state, they need skilled and talented home inspectors as well. You can cover both commercial and residential properties. But ensure that you are genuine and have a well-defined approach to seek more clients. 

8. Start a waste recycling pick-up service

Disposing of waste seems to be certain, no matter how tiny a household is. It is environmentally hazardous to accumulate electronic and other types of waste. You can certainly step forward and dispose of these waste items easily. You can earn money, save the environment, and people everywhere live a sustainable lifestyle. Some households and companies look for such services as they are very much into recycling and other eco-friendly trends. You need to seek knowledge about such recycling tasks and dispose of waste effectively. 

9. Become a virtual assistant

A work-from-home business that will never go away is to provide virtual assistance service. You can become a virtual assistant with no major qualifications but a lot of dedication and smart work strategies. You are required to take care of administrative and other tasks of companies, company heads, or top executives. Even if you have a small setup at home but a tremendous amount of integrity and determination, you can serve your clients. Understanding their requirements and behavior is the key to becoming an efficient virtual assistant. 

10. Open a homestay or a bed and breakfast service

Illinois, including the city of Chicago, is popular for tourism. With the new work-and-travel lifestyle, more people are looking to explore places, live, and soak up the environment for a while and get a change thereby. If you have extra rooms or a whole building of your own, starting a hostel or a homestay will be very profitable. Even if you start a simple bed and breakfast service with a few extra facilities such as the Wi-fi and barbeque, you can earn a great deal of revenue. You will need to register your homestay venture with trusted portals and seek guests. 

11. Start a dry-cleaning service

Young people in Illinois are either busy studying or working at offices. They don’t have time to do laundry or dry clean their clothes on a Sunday morning. They will prefer to roll up in their beds and watch Netflix instead. No worries, you can let them do what they want by doing their laundry and dry-cleaning tasks. This is how you can tap an opportunity and earn sufficient money out of this. You can provide pick-up and delivery services every Sunday so that they don’t have to worry about it at all. Your gentle reminder system will let them have a wardrobe full of freshly cleaned clothes. 

12. Become an interior designer

Having a passion for internal spaces, decorating, and revamping their looks is great as it opens up a new business idea of providing interior design services to clients. You can design for commercial and household spaces, and people will be willing to pay you exorbitant prices without any stress. This is because people want their spaces to be special and make them feel comfortable. Only you can do that as an interior designer. So, open a firm at your home or a prime location, and provide related services. 

13. Start a niche cleaning service

We have already discussed green cleaning services that take environmental safety into consideration. But if you want to focus on a niche, that will be amazing. For instance, you can choose to clean only carpets or windows or even garages of your clients. Instead of being a generic cleaner, you can consider a particular area and clean it up for your client. Since you are a specialized service, your clients will take note of it and prefer you over other cleaning companies. 

14. Become a florist

Flowers never get outdated; they are always loved, cared for, and preferred by all people. If you become a florist, you will have to tie up with the flower suppliers at low costs. Creativity is the key to sustainability in this business as no one comes to buy only flowers. They want their flowers to be unique and make their loved ones special. So, try to be innovative with the bouquets and the ways you promote your business. 

15. Start a mobile salon

It is hard to find time for grooming, particularly if you also work on weekends. Not only working people, but senior adults, nursing women, and disabled persons prefer a mobile salon for grooming requirements. You can help them stay groomed and presentable by providing comfortable and convenient services. Being an expert is the only thing you need to do, and respect your customers’ time. It is a little-capital business idea with lots of income opportunities as you expand your services, hire a team and cater to more surrounding areas. 

16. Start an organic food store

The latest trend of organic food products does not seem to end and enjoys eternal existence. You can help people stay healthy and grounded with organic foods. Choosing excellent quality brands, providing home delivery services, and having a huge variety of items can help you sustain the store in the long run. Even if it is a new business, it is seeking sufficient popularity in the United States, including in a few cities of Illinois. People are becoming aware of what they drink and eat daily, and they will choose quality over price. Hence, do not worry about the returns as they will be high. The prices are high, so will your profits, and of course, healthy and satisfied customers. 

17. Start a car wash company

Illinois has thousands of cars, and all of them need a wash regularly. You can help car owners keep their vehicles sparkling clean without any hassle. It is a profitable business, but you need ample space for vehicle cleaning, tools, and chemicals to do the job well and marketing tactics. Since similar types of businesses exist in your city, you need to be careful when you promote yours. Announce launch deals and discounts, and maintain an excellent rapport with your clients. They need to return and not switch companies. 

18. Start a healthy snack business

When it comes to those evening cravings, all we can think of is snacks and unhealthy fast food. If you are a health-conscious and active person, you must have stopped your friends and relatives from eating all the junk food. You can take this unwavering passion for health awareness to the next level. Yeah, you can start a healthy snack and fast food center with a variety of options that not only fulfill taste buds but help maintain a healthy weight. You can even add gluten-free and vegan options for your customers and be aware of their requirements. People will love you; we promise. 

19. Start an arts and crafts store

Creative, artistic people – this business is for you. Who says you cannot earn a living creating art and crafts? Whoever told you this, let us prove them wrong. You can start this small venture from your home and reach a significant audience through online mediums. You could be an expert in any or most arts; people will love to buy those items. You can even teach online and create a solid profile. Another essential thing you can do is to participate in exhibitions and showcase your art amongst interested people. 

20. Start a home organization service

Clutter has its own cons. It disrupts your peace of mind and blocks massive space at your home. So, why not start an organizing service? This business is only for those serious souls who love all things to be in perfect order. You might have to deal with maximalists in the state and help them declutter their spaces. If you want to add a cleaning service to the list, you are free to do so. You don’t need any major capital or qualifications. Just get your business registered, and you are good to go. Of course, you will need one or two assistants to clean messed-up homes. 

These 20 business ideas in Illinois are interesting and lucrative and can make you a successful business entrepreneur, provided you firmly believe in them. 


1.What kind of ideas can I start in Illinois?

Depending on your skills, you can start a business, launch a creative project, invent something, work as a freelancer, or launch a blog.

2. Where can I get help to start my business in Illinois?

The Illinois Small Business Development Center provides resources and educational workshops to help entrepreneurs plan, launch, and manage their businesses.

3. Are there incentives to starting a business in Illinois?

Yes, Illinois offers various incentives and programs to support businesses of all sizes, such as grants and tax credits.

4. What steps do I need to take to legally establish my business in the state?

You’ll need to register with the Illinois Department of Revenue and obtain licensing, permits, or other requirements from state and local government.

5. What types of financing can I use to fund my business?

You may be eligible for loan programs from local, state, and federal government entities as well as private lenders.

6. Is there a specific list of industries that are encouraged to start businesses in Illinois?

Yes, sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, technology, professional services, and renewable energy are encouraged to start businesses in Illinois.

7. What resources are available to help start creative projects in Illinois?

There are several organizations that provide resources and support to creative entrepreneurs throughout the state, such as the Illinois Arts Council and Illinois Creates.

8. Are there any special requirements for starting an invention in the state?

You’ll need to obtain a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office to protect your invention.

9. What should I consider when becoming a freelancer in Illinois?

You’ll need to register with the Illinois Department of Revenue and obtain a business license. As a freelancer, you will be responsible for paying taxes and reporting income in a timely manner.