20 Profitable Business Ideas & Investment Opportunities in Ohio

Ohio is a huge and illuminating city with incredible business opportunities and also for newbies. So, if you have a business mind and an endearing passion, you can tap plenty of business opportunities in Ohio. But before you do that, we would like you to reflect on two important aspects. 

The first one is to analyze the business conditions and customer behaviour in Ohio. You need to analyze the ideas that are lacking in a specific business domain so that you can start a suitable business. The second aspect is to recollect your passion and start a business accordingly. You can determine your Ikigai – your sweet spot and initiate a mind-enriching yet profitable business venture. 

Some new business entrepreneurs quit the idea of passion and focus completely on earning maximum revenue. This shouldn’t be the case. We believe that you should work on something that fulfills your life purpose. Then, you can choose your hobby or passion and take a step forward to earn revenue and tap business opportunities. 

Now, let us jump onto the best 20 business ideas that you can tap in Ohio and earn a decent livelihood and grab a remarkable position in the industry. 

1. Pickup service of recycling items

Along with the existing and growing population, a massive amount of waste gets generated. And this calls for good recycling pick-up service. You need to visit each household or set up a center where people can simply dump old and used plastic items such as empty bottles. You can even take another step and ask people to give away old and used electronic items. 

As you dive into the e-waste and plastic waste recycling business, you can earn profit by doing this task. It is noble as you save the environment and assist people in cluttering the surroundings with unwanted waste items. This business is a long-term opportunity as people will never stop using plastic and electronic items. Therefore, you can ensure consistency of work in this sector. 

2. A Food Truck

Food trucks are popular amongst youngsters and working people. If you have ever worked in a hustling corporation or an organization, you must have noticed how frequently you visit a food truck. Working in an office makes you so busy that you forget to eat meals on time. A food truck comes to the rescue. 

You can reach out to all those who do not have time to cook lunch or who would simply love to satisfy their taste buds. A food truck business is a guaranteed source of revenue as people love to munch on delicious foods. If you choose to serve health-conscious people, you can choose a gluten-free food menu or a range of healthy beverages. 

3. A Baking Business

Yeah, we know Ohio has a sufficient number of bakeries, but this doesn’t mean they won’t welcome another excellent one. Hence, if you are into baking and love serving people with yummy cupcakes, you can do it easily with minimal capital. You might need a few baking vessels and equipment to get into business. 

You can dive into a specialization such as baking vegan cakes or gluten-free cakes, or accepting only birthday cakes. It is all up to you, the way you want to serve customers. Ensure that you have a strong online presence and put an effort into word-of-mouth publicity as it fetches regular clients. Those who taste your cakes and bread should immediately feel the urge to refer to your bakery or place repeated orders. You can also include a variety of bread and other baked items in your menu for more orders. 

4. Carpet Installation and Cleaning Service

Ohio is full of households, and each household has carpets and rugs to brighten up the environment. But cleaning and maintaining carpets is a hassle that household owners won’t like to indulge in. Hence, instead of doing it all by themselves, they will prefer to rely on your carpet cleaning services. 

You can offer them regular cleaning packages and also assist them with the installation of full-sized carpets. People in Ohio will appreciate this service. 

5. Sale of Eco-Friendly Products

Zero-waste, recycling, and eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle – all these have emerged as upcoming trends, and people all over the United States have actively introduced them in their lives. You can assist them to live more sustainably with eco-friendly and organic products such as wooden toothbrushes and combs, earthen cookware, and organic beauty care products. It will surely be a profitable venture in Ohio as people are becoming more and more concerned about their health. 

They would like to buy organic and environment-friendly products from you and follow an eco-waste lifestyle. Therefore, ensure that you promote your store adequately. 

6. A Cleaning Business

If you would like to get into a standard venture with equal opportunities in Ohio, then a cleaning business will be best. You can offer home and office cleaning services as they are frequently needed. However, ensure that you have a skilled staff and a variety of cleaning tools, and you have a strong mission and vision.

7. A Frozen Food Store

Ice-creams are popular among adults and children alike. But other frozen foods such as yogurt, dairy items, and seafood are consumed by people all over Ohio. You can start a frozen foods store and keep it updated with fresh items. Your store will always be visited by customers if you have a wide range of frozen products and excellent customer service standards. 

8. A Party Planning Service

One of the smart ideas for all those extroverted business entrepreneurs is to start an event or party planning service. You can help people plan events and all sorts of parties such as birthday and anniversary parties, wedding parties, receptions, and even bachelorette and spinster parties. 

You can be a good party planner if you have contacts and rapport with the right suppliers and artists. Similarly, you need to be able to deal with people. 

9. Childcare Center

There are going to be children, and they need gentle care. If you love kids, you can start a babysitting or a full-fledged childcare center. Remember that parents will do a lot of due diligence before they send their kids to your center. So, don’t feel nervous when they ask you numerous questions. 

Moreover, you should think of several ways of keeping the kids entertained, educated, and busy. Your center should serve meaning to the kids’ lives and not simply focus on profit generation. 

10. Elderly Care Center

If you care about senior adults, you can start a care center for them. The elderly population in Ohio is increasing, and they deserve to be cared for and loved. You need a few vital resources such as a huge space, skilled and dedicated staff, medical equipment and services, and a warm dedication to assist the elderly without pitying them. 

Not only do you assist in a noble deed but you also earn sufficient revenue for future sustainability. 

11. Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Service

Clothing is a basic necessity, and people in Ohio tend to care for their clothes and outfits. They will not feel that another laundry service will block out space. If you provide excellent services, they will be happy to be your customers. 

You can offer a bunch of versatile services such as laundry, dry cleaning, and others, and do not let your customers worry about what to wear the next day. Timeliness and quality are the two aspects you need to care about. 

12. Start a Medical Supplies Store

There could be a pandemic or a normal situation; medical supplies such as medications, supplements, tonics, protein powders, immunity boosters are needed by everyone in Ohio. There is no shortage of medical stories in the city, but you can open another one with additional services such as 24/7 service, home delivery, service through calls or WhatsApp, and much more. 

13. Set up an Automatic Vending Machine

If you would like to start a business in Ohio with minimal funds and no labor or employees or huge maintenance, then install an automatic vending machine. Your device could be selling health drinks or fast-food items, books and magazines, or even stationery items. Placing it at a prominent location seems to be the only constraint. Moreover, you can install a number of vending machines and make your business more profitable. 

14. Spa and Salon

If you are into beauty care, skin and hair care services, you can start a spa or a salon, or both. You might need a well-equipped space along with dedicated staff, but once you seek clients and offer high-quality services, you can seek more clients. Moreover, you need to promote your services on social media and optimize the elements of market segmentation. 

15. Start a Handyman Service

You could be a handyman, or you can employ a few and start a handyman service. Handymen are required in buildings and households of Ohio, and you can offer the best services of all times. There will always be a demand for handymen, even if you can find apps offering home care and other services. 

You can have a team of talented handymen to have a stable base of clients and continuous order requests. You can coordinate with the clients accordingly and never experience any downturn.

16. Start a Meal Delivery Service

Cooking meals is always a hassle, and visiting a food truck or a restaurant is not a good idea for busy working people. Instead, such people will be happy if they are delivered healthy, wholesome meals on time. 

If you love cooking and serving people, you can start a full-fledged business of meal delivery service. On the other hand, if you focus on a particular group of people, such as those who are vegans or gluten-intolerant, or diet-conscious, you can supply suitable meals to them. 

They will be ready to pay you higher rates if they seek the appropriate meals on time. Hence, do not go generic and choose a specific niche in meal delivery services. You might have a small number of customers, but you can earn a high amount of income by charging appropriately. 

17. Boating or Water-related Tourist Business

Ohio is a business center, but it also has a few tourist attractions as it has a beautiful lake and the Ohio River. You can start boating and other tours for people visiting the city. You can even arrange camping or glamping for them. 

Do not lose hope if you are not much into the typical business ideas and love tourism and traveling. You can start a water-related business, meet and interact with travelers and love your life. 

18. Start a Rental Business

Well, this seems to be a broad category, and we want you to come up with a variety of ideas. You can start a rental service of your choice, such as party rentals, gadget rentals, car rentals, and so on. You need to buy and own a few things that you want to rent and analyze whether there is demand for the same amongst the customers. 

19. A Digital Marketing Business

You can find this business idea in almost every city as digital marketing has no end. It is exposed to countless opportunities, and no one will ever get tired of it. Got the skills and knowledge? Then, start a digital marketing firm and seek stable clients soon. 

You can expand your business by providing SEO and content writing services, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, app development services, and so on. 

20. A Convenience Store

As the name indicates, a convenience store is a source of comfort and convenience for anyone. Sometimes, there is no specific reason why a customer visits this store. He might want to buy candy but ends up buying more items. If you set up a store at a prime location or near a gas station, or on a busy street, you will have customers all the time. 

We hope you can start a business in Ohio with any of the ideas that are demanding amongst the residents and interesting for you. 


1. What are some profitable business ideas in Ohio?

Some profitable business ideas in Ohio include online business, food service, home repairs, pet care, IT consulting, healthcare services, and real estate.

2. Are there any investment opportunities in Ohio?

Yes, there are a number of investment opportunities in Ohio including venture capital, angel investors, real estate investments, and tech startups.

3. What are the most profitable businesses in Ohio?

The most profitable businesses in Ohio include real estate, healthcare services, IT consulting, food service, and home repairs.

4. Are there any grants or incentives for businesses in Ohio?

Yes, the Ohio Development Services Agency provides multiple grants and incentives for businesses in Ohio.

5. What are the legal requirements for starting a business in Ohio?

The legal requirements for starting a business in Ohio depend on the type of business. Generally, you need to register your business entity, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and obtain an Employer Identification Number.

6. Is there any financial assistance available for starting a business in Ohio?

Yes, the Ohio Development Services Agency provides financial assistance for businesses in the form of grants, loans, and tax credits.

7. What are some profitable industries in Ohio?

Some of the most profitable industries in Ohio include healthcare, IT, e-commerce, logistics, transportation, and services.

8. Are there any venture capital investors in Ohio?

Yes, there are a number of venture capital investors in Ohio, including firms such as Drive Capital, Rev1 Ventures, and Glengarry Funds.

9. What are the best states to start a business in?

According to research, the best states for businesses include Texas, Utah, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Louisiana.