20 Small Business Opportunities in Georgia

It looks like a tiny state with beautiful and serene beaches and farmlands, but you cannot underestimate the opportunities there for small business organizations. Georgia’s economy is driven by the small business sector, and almost 98 percent of the businesses are of small size. Hence, if you have a small business idea and want a wonderful place to start, Georgia is the best. 

You can be self-employed, be your Boss, and call yourself an entrepreneur with good market potential. In case you do not know the location-specific ideas and profitable opportunities, you can pick up any of the following ideas. 

1. Start a carpentry business

Please note you need to be skilled in carpentry or you should have an interest in the same. It is a financially viable career if you have the right professionals and a conductive market condition in the state. You can even start your brand of excellent furniture all over the State. You can seek the requisite qualifications, have competent assistants in your team, and also seek some experience in this field. You can pick up a niche such as roofing or construction, or finishing tasks. 

2. Open a consignment store

If you want to try out something different and not stick to the usual grocery store, you can start a consignment store instead. It is a thriving business opportunity for those who have little capital but a ton of motivation in them to start a venture. You can sell anything of your choice or what people require. It could be electronic items, apparel, bags, kitchen appliances, cutlery, etc. You will not only earn money but engage with customers every day at the store. Location is of critical importance as it will help customers to reach your store quickly. 

3. Become an event planner

If you are good at organizing all kinds of events and have substantial experience in the same, you can become an event planner. Now, you might say that you cannot find special or big events in the state. But if you can cater to numerous small events regularly. Remember that having good contacts with the right people is important since you will be tying up with caterers, decorators, designers, and all. It is essential to be punctual, interactive, and creative in the event planning business. Even if you decide to stick to a niche such as organizing birthday and wedding parties, you can gear up and have your first few clients easily. 

4. Open a bookshop

You must not be aware, but people in Georgia love reading books. Hence, opening a bookstore or a library is not an outdated business idea in this state. You can beat the competition by arranging book reading sessions, discussions, and launches and stand out from the crowd. It is necessary to go for a large space as you will be conducting a few activities at your place. But if you already have a tiny space, you can surely do a lot in that and expand your business later. 

5. Start a delivery service

This is the digital age in which people prefer to stay comfortable at their homes or be occupied with work and seek delivery of most essentials and other necessities. Right from food to liquor, you can deliver anything to your clients. You need not deliver for big giants; you can even connect with the usual brick-and-mortar stores. This business also generates several employment opportunities as you have to hire delivery assistants as well. Even if you choose your surrounding area to pick and deliver products, you can earn decent revenue. 

6. Start an ice cream and yogurt store

Ice cream is the popular and most favorite dessert or pleasure food, and one cannot deny an offer. So, you can grab this always-on-demand opportunity and open an ice-cream store. Since some people would say ‘no’ to guilty pleasure, you can sell frozen yogurt and have some variety on your menu. This business always fetches returns, and you can expect a random customer to hop in and relish on some candy. Allocate space for customers to eat ice-creams, and they will love it. It will also be a hangout place for your guests. Experiment with the flavors and other serving styles, and you will be a unique ice-cream seller in your area. Tip: Add vegan-friendly and lactose-free options. 

7. Start a homestay

Since Georgia has lush green farmlands, we assume that you might be having a house or a piece of land in this state. Do not get disheartened that you cannot start a business in the city. Because the countryside offers loads of business ideas, including homestay options. A bed and breakfast, a traveler’s hostel, or any motel will do. If you love to host, this is your business idea then. 

8. Open a smartphone repairing shop

You can find hundreds of smartphones selling shops, but finding a reliable service center or a repairing service business is challenging. You could be the one helping out people repair smartphones and get them fixed. If possible, we suggest extending repair and maintenance services to other gadgets such as laptops, computers, and iPhones. You will need space, skilled staff, equipment, and marketing tactics. In addition, you will need to train your staff with the requisite technical knowledge. Remember that the professionals you hire are crucial in getting your devices fixed or else, you will not be able to be the reliable center in your area. 

9. Start a mobile auto repair service

Auto repairs do not come with an invitation, it can happen anytime, even at midnight. But if you want to be a life-saver, you can start a mobile auto repair and maintenance service. You will need to be on your heels for this business as a repair request might pop up any time of the day. You might not need a specific qualification, but you need in-hand experience and a lot of technical knowledge about automobiles. It is better to hire people to attend calls and repair vehicles as you cannot be available all the time. 

10. Start a pharmacy store

One of the essentials, medications, and supplements are needed by everyone, including kids and grown-ups. You can open a retail pharmacy store in your area if there are fewer pharmacies in the same place. Moreover, you can establish an online service to cater to medication requirements anytime and anywhere. You will need a website or an app and staff to deliver the medications, but we are sure you can witness orders pouring on your new portal. 

11. Start a restaurant

Have you always wanted to open up a themed restaurant and have created a menu in your mind? Then, the restaurant business is for you, even if you can find plenty of food joints in your areas. No one says ‘no’ to a good restaurant with quick service and delicious food. You can even think of starting a chain of small restaurants all over the state, but that is a bigger picture. You can experiment with the themes, menus or even add gluten-free options or vegan foods to your menu. 

12. Start a laundry service

People are too occupied to do laundry every week. Or they want to spend time with their loved ones on weekends or relax and not worry whether their next-day clothes are ironed or not. You can come to the rescue and take care of their laundry while you earn money. However, you need to respect their time and render good quality as people cannot afford to compromise in serving the best impression. 

13. Start a digital marketing agency

If you are into the virtual world as well as marketing, then you can set up a digital marketing agency in any city of the state. The best thing is you can start this venture from your home, and you can provide services to any business located in Georgia. You will need skills and expertise as you will be handling other accounts. 

14. Start a taxi service

If you have one or two vehicles in your garage, it is time to utilize them for your business. You can start a local or location-specific taxi rental service, also called the cab rental service. Since people in Georgia need transportation to commute from one place to another, they can seek your services. The income is great, but you will need to invest in vehicles and drivers. 

15. Start a meat and seafood delivery service

Americans are mostly non-vegetarians. Even if some are trying to save animals, you can find several of them relying on fresh meat and seafood. You can start a store or offer a delivery service to help them stock up their freezer. However, you need to tie up with genuine suppliers who provide excellent quality meat. 

16. Become a tour guide

You can plan and arrange tours for all people who would like to explore Georgia. Since a large number of tourists visit this state, you can have clients all over the year. You need all the required certifications, training, and knowledge to start this venture. Moreover, getting your business registered as per the state laws is important. You will need some capital to start this business. We suggest focusing on the marketing part as travelers will be aware of your service only when you promote it well. 

17. Start a relocation or house removal service

Both mean the same, but you can even cater to the removal of cars and vehicles across the state and outside it. It is cumbersome and hectic to move one’s belongings, but a removal service like yours can help them a lot. Your clients can relax while you take the toll, of course, for a good price. You will need a little amount of capital, but you will need skilled and reliable helpers as they have to take care of the stuff they move. 

18. Open a grocery store

It sounds like a typical business idea, but you can make the services online and provide home delivery too. You can introduce loyalty coupons and bulk discounts for your regular customers. Try to do something unique in your store to stand out from the usual ones. You can determine the size of the business but ensure that you have fresh products in stock. 

19. Engage in agriculture

If you are a grounded person (yes, literally), you can get into an agricultural business. Surprisingly, Georgia has a conductive and booming environment for agricultural-based industries. The state is known for fertile land, cash crops, and several opportunities for this business sector. Agriculture owns more than $75 billion in Georgia’s economy on an annual basis. You can easily find a relevant business that interests you and brings revenue significantly. 

20. Start a tech support service

As we said, Georgia is a land of small business enterprises, and several of them are IT-based. They need tech support services and all of them do not have an in-built team. They outsource all services to small businesses like yours. But you need to provide an array of services, including data security, data backup, software installation, and be updated with the latest trends. 

In conclusion, you can find the above ideas interesting enough to start a venture in the state of Georgia, earn income, seek stable clients, and find passion in your work.