5 Tips to Get Your First Customer

When you have set up your business recently, it is essential to find the first few customers. It could be exciting as well as overwhelming as your future activities depend largely on the same. However, there are certain ways to find your first few clients. Some entrepreneurs have chosen these ways, and hence, they are still into the business. But some of them tried and tested each way, lost patience, became skeptical, and then found some reliable clients. 

Which approach will you choose? Obviously, the first one. We have listed out certain ways to find your first few customers and not get nervous during the process. 

1. Establish meaningful connections

People might suggest you attend seminars and events and network with like-minded professionals. But if you merely get involved in shaking hands and exchanging visiting cards, you will never find any. Everyone is for networking, and you do not know what intentions they have. 

Hence, it is advisable to build good and meaningful connections. Talk to people, understand why they are at the event. It can also happen online as you meet other bloggers. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can approach bloggers you admire for a long time and ask if you could help them create graphics. If they find you likable and love your sample work, they will never say no. 

In this way, you are not just doing the small talk but are also being intentional in your search approach. The next thing you can do is to sign up for Facebook groups. If you copywrite, search for related groups in your area or even around the world. You can find companies and contractors looking for freelance copywriters, and in no time, you will land on your first client. 

2. Share your expertise and skills

If you have expertise, you ought to share it with the rest of the world. You cannot just sit at home and not do anything about it. The world will never know what you have unless you portray it through social media. For instance, you can set up a blog, or start a YouTube Channel or be active on the Instagram handle and be creative. Show your designs, your writing pieces, and videos if you have. It creates a long-lasting impression, and people will look forward to working with you. 

It has been observed that social media is an effective tool to share work with your prospective clients and pull them to your business eventually. A study has shown that nearly 37 percent of freelancers seek their first clients through social media. 

You just don’t have to be usually active on social media; you need to be consciously active. Plan your content, prepare your editorial calendar and be intentional while posting on social media. The clients should be able to figure out your talent instantly as they scroll through your feeds or blogs, or videos. 

3. Be present on the platforms where prospects are looking

It would be too much to expect this from you, but you have to get into the shoes of your prospective clients. For example, if you are a conscious parent looking for a day-care facility, where will you search for the said facilities? Obviously, you will run a Google search of the best day-care facilities around your area or ask for best references from your friends (who have kids). 

Yes, exactly that’s what you wanted to do as a day-care provider for these parents (and kids). You have to display Google Ads suitably and be vocal about the services you provide. Offer some referral discounts as soon as the parents get admitted their kids to the facility. In short, you have to think long-term even while targeting the first few customers for your venture. 

4. Look for referral clients

As soon as your venture is launched, the next thing you need to do is to announce it to the whole world. First, you can do it by sending a detailed email to your friends and family and asking them politely to circulate amongst their network circle. Yes, they will do it. Secondly, you can do some sample work-sharing on your social media platforms and let your acquaintances know what exactly you plan to offer. 

You never know even a neighbor’s relative or friend might be having a requirement related to the product or service you offer. This is how cleaning companies seek their first clients. A distant cousin might become your first customer with whom you have never talked to in the last many years. Your spouse might help you, or your friends might help you develop ideas pertaining to your first sales or client-tapping tasks. 

5. Start from the start

The primary principle of advertising and promotions is to start from the initial days itself. When you know your business will be launched in the coming days, be ready with the promotion plan. If you sit for a while and reflect over what you have done and over-think what you can do, you are simply wasting time. 

Promotions should start immediately when you have a business idea, and you know that it is taking shape properly. For example, when you write a book, you shouldn’t promote it when it is done. You should start doing it right from the start or when the idea is in process. Then, you can easily announce, ‘Hey, I am writing a book. Pre-order it.’ and post it on your social media. You will be surprised that you will seek fabulous responses even when your books are not ready. 

So, don’t wait for things to settle or till your graphic designer is ready with the designs. Instead, just go out on social media and your social network, and announce that your business is launched or is being launched. 

To summarise, you need to be mindfully active on social media and be proactive during promotional activities. Only then can you seek your first clients.