8 Businesses you can Start Using your Smartphone

We will always agree that starting a business using a computer is pretty easy and less challenging. But we won’t disagree that you cannot start a business using a smartphone. You might have to face plenty of challenges, think and plan consciously and choose an appropriate business. But if you say that it is a ‘mission-impossible’ task, then we certainly disagree with the same.

If you choose from any of the following businesses, you can start a venture easily and earn revenue out of it. 

Now, let us discuss the 8 types of businesses. 

1. Consultancy service

Of course, this business needs to top the list because it does not require any significant capital or special devices to start. You need only your best expertise and skills to share with the whole world. The best thing about a consulting business is that it is provided in all niches such as financial consultancy, business consultancy, advice on mutual fund investing, share trading assistance, health and safety advice, etc. 

You are paid for the expertise, and you can provide all your important tips, suggestions, and insights to your clients using your smartphone. You can schedule video calls or even telephonic calls with your clients and offer them useful advice. At times, the clients will send across their plans and outlines for your understanding. Don’t worry; you can manage it through your phone. 

2. Resale business

A resale business is an excellent idea to start with no computer and merely using a smartphone. You can buy apparel or other items from popular websites such as Craigslist or local thrift stores. You can even buy clothes from fashionistas or celebrities who wear outfits only once and discard them away. Subsequently, you can resell them on eBay or other sites or set up your online portal for the same. 

The margin that you earn through re-sale is your profit, and you actually don’t need huge amounts of money to buy these items. It could be 10 items in the first days of your business, depending on your phone. Since listing items on websites is pretty easy these days, you don’t need a laptop or a computer to do it. 

3. Social media management

You can find zillions of brands out there that are struggling to build their presence in the virtual world. Easy as it sounds, these brands cannot spend enough time on social media channels to post updates and interact with the customers. Hence, they need social media managers to take control of the said tasks. 

You can connect with brands and work for the ones who align with your preferences. You will be interacting with their customers on behalf of your brand. Hence, there could be a few instructions to follow. But you can do all this using your smartphone as most of the social media apps are accessed by customers through their phones. This is an excellent business idea and is used by many entrepreneurs in their baby stages of survival and growth. 

4. Customer support agency business

This is different from social media management, as we discussed above. In this business, you interact with customers through different channels, including social media. For instance, you can receive customers’ calls and answer their queries and resolve their grievances and doubts. Similarly, you can chat with customers using client applications and help them choose a product or inform them about the delivery status. In short, you can do all these client support activities using a phone. 

You can understand the brand and work as their customer support agency. Remember, you might start as a one-person agency, but you can expand your team later as the business grows. Hence, do not feel upset that you are doing the actual task. 

5. Create online courses

It is a misconception that you need a computer to create online courses. Well, it will certainly be much easier on a full-fledged device, but you can also do it using a smartphone. You can record videos, edit them using free or paid apps and upload them on sites such as Teachable. Within a few hours, you can set your first online course and earn money out of it. 

Apart from a phone, you need a special skill to share with the world. Hence, be sure about that. You are good to go if you have a phone and a skill. 

6. Event planning business (including virtual events)

In the United States, events might not be happening right now, but you can hope for the best in the future. You can become a virtual event planner and help out clients to conduct their launches, conferences, seminars, and other discussions. You need a phone to connect with the right people and manage the event activities. 

You can even utilize special event management apps on the phone to remind you about certain things, inform guests, manage RSVPs, and sell tickets or coupon codes. This is a lucrative business, and a simple phone can help you streamline the entire process. 

7. Dropshipping business

No one needs an introduction to dropshipping business as it has gained immense attention in the past few years. Basically, you assign the manufacturing and distribution tasks to a company known as the dropshipping company. You can be such a company and help brands manage their production and selling activities. 

You can open an online store using Shopify and connect with parties accordingly. Yes, it is better to have a computer, but if you have started small, you can do it with a phone. 

8. Become an online teacher or trainer

This is in alignment with the online course business idea. But here, you actively train students using mobile apps. Even an Android phone can help you interact with the students and earn fees by training them. An education company is convenient to start using a phone, so never underestimate it if you have academic knowledge or requisite skills. 

To summarize, the above 8 business ideas are worth trying using a phone and no other special devices.