10 Profitable Automotive and Car-Related Business Ideas

a showroom selling cars

The global automotive industry is promising. When it comes to the United States, the US market is considerably digital, and it has affected the sale of automotive parts and vehicles positively. In 2019, it was reported that more than $7.4 billion of car accessories were purchased by customers using smartphones.

Moreover, the US has witnessed a remarkable sale of 17 million cars for the fourth year by 2019. These figures are impressive and convincing enough for you to start a car-related business soon. 

More innovative cars are coming up to provide the utmost comfort to the users. Engineers and automotive scientists are putting the right amount of effort into these creations. It does not matter how much finance you have and can accumulate; you can have a suitable automotive business for you to run. All types of businesses are available as per your financing capacity. 

If you have a passion for all kinds of cars, love maintaining and taking care of vehicles, or want to start something in the automotive industry; then this post is for you. We have provided the 10 best and profitable business ideas in this industry for you to earn money. 

1. A Car Wash Company

Nothing could be as simple as a car wash company. People have cars, and all vehicles need self-care. You can open a small car wash enterprise in your area, and it will never be empty. This is because car owners always look for car washers which provide timely, consistent, and efficient services. You will have to be prompt in delivering your services and ensure that your location is feasible. 

Your car washing space should be near for the car owners, and it should be sufficient enough to wash a car at a time. You can even provide mobile car washing services by visiting the client’s home. If they have a backyard or a garage, you can wash their cars easily. 

2. A Mobile Car Repair Service

One never knows when a car gets damaged in the middle of the road and the middle of the night. At such times, you know how important a mobile car repair service is. Well, you can start such a service, provided you have the requisite certifications and experience. Please understand that you will need to build a strong online profile with true credentials to help clients spot you immediately and when the need arises. 

The returns are good, but you only need to reach the right place at the right time. If you are willing to work late at night, be sure, you are clear about it before mentioning it on the profile. 

3. A Tow Truck Service

Just like a car gets damaged and needs instant repairs, it might also need to get wheeled to the garage or the desired destination. You might have the requisite demographic knowledge before you think of its business. If not, your first task is to earn this knowledge and be skilled in the towing arrangement of the damaged vehicle. 

As towing equipment is required, you might need to invest in the business venture substantially. You will have to promote your business effectively. It means that the owners of the breakdown vehicle should immediately access your contact details, or your ad might not be of much use. Hence, be mindful when you plan out your advertising strategy. 

4. Start a Driving School

Are you a pro in driving and have you taught your friends and cousins to drive? Then, there is no better business idea than starting a driving school. It is a profitable venture as you will have students all over the year. 

You will need a moderate investment, and if you are going to be the trainer, you won’t even need to hire staff. However, you will need a marketing strategy as several driving schools are coming up and people might be simply confused about which one to join. 

5. Open a Car Accessories Store

If cars always fascinate you and are like the black belt champion in the accessories’ selection part, you should consider opening a store. The vehicles in the United States are growing, as we already mentioned in the earlier part. And this calls for the demand of its accessories. 

Ensure that you open a store at a prime location in the city that can be easily accessed by car owners. Moreover, if you are a franchisee of a particular brand, you need to market your shop accordingly. The sales can be pretty good, provided the customer service standards you adopt are really high. 

6. Start a Blog

If the writing about vehicles and accessories fantasizes you more, then you should start a blog of your own about such things. It is a completely home-based business, and you don’t need any significant investment. Just a laptop, good internet connectivity and a creative mind – that is all you need to start a blog. Monetizing it could take time, but once you have a following, you will be in the lead. 

You can write reviews about vehicles, new and old alike, to help the readers make conscious purchase decisions. You can get sponsorships from the brands you love. 

7. Run a Women-only Cab Service

Women’s safety is of critical importance, be it in New York or a tiny town near Texas. So, to take care of women’s safety and be a part of the women empowerment movement, why not start a women-only cab service? You will need a proper business plan for this. 

We suggest brainstorming ways on how you could hire and train women staff to drive cabs in the city and around suburbs. You will need vehicles, for sure. But you will also need a robust app to help women passengers rent your cabs and avail the wonderful facility. Moreover, women’s safety is your priority, so you will have to keep it on the top. 

8. Deal in Used Cars

Since the number of new vehicle purchases is surging, there is also an increase in dumped or used cars. If you have thought of ways of dealing with such cars, then this is the right business idea for you. You could be a used car dealer with your experience and knowledge. 

Though this venture is extremely profitable, you will need strategic capital and planning to make it a success. 

9. Open a Parking Lot

Another strategic investment idea is to start a parking lot. The rising number of vehicles also calls for a parking lot. Yeah, but a systematic one will surely invite more car owners. It is profitable, but you will need to make significant amounts of investment in it. 

Moreover, you will have to ensure that the parking space is situated at the right place and that there is a proper ticketing system. Discrepancies are bound to happen in such complex business ventures, so you have to be careful during the business planning phase. 

10. Start a Car Sale Business Online

We ought to add an online business idea since not everyone has the privilege to open spaces and considerable funding. You can display cars for sale online but make them appear credible enough. People believe in all sorts of online businesses, and they have a reason to believe in online car sales too. As you make sales initially and display genuine customer testimonials on the portals, you will find more customers buying cars from you online. It is reasonable enough to run an online car business rather than a traditional store. 

Summing it up, you have a business type according to the capital investment you can make and space you can rent or own. Choose an automotive business consciously and consider planning wisely. Learn from the experts and conduct market research thoroughly.