10 Best Business Ideas for College Students

college students starting business at campus

Is it too early to start a business? Do you think you should have fun as the college years won’t return to your life? It is time to chill and relax and not think about how to get rich.’ 

Suppose you have had such thoughts, congratulations! It means you are thinking about starting a business even if you are not confident about the decision to make. Starting a business during college years has its pros and cons. The only con is that you will lose focus in your studies as you divert your attention. However, if you plan properly, you might be able to provide sufficient attention to studies and balance your professional life as well.

Following are vital reasons why you should consider starting a business venture during your college years: 

  1. You seek exposure at a young age. When you are supposed to play PubG or video games, you are actually running a business. You learn more, make mistakes, relearn from them, and the cycle repeats till you achieve perfection. 
  2. Even if it seems to be a business at the baby stage, you can expand it further once you complete your college and studies. Remember that it is a rehearsal for your big business dreams. 
  3. If you seek higher education and have insufficient funds to support your career, your business could be of substantial help. You can learn and earn and put your current knowledge to use. 
  4. You could be an incredible personality, and your aspirations will be high. This is because you are on the first steps of the business ladder. You have overcome the fear of starting out, and it is the initial step to success. 

As you are convinced fully to start a business venture, let us learn a few profitable and interesting business ideas. 

1. Start a Blog

A blog doesn’t require substantial money to start. It only needs your time and effort to write a post, publicize it and monetize the blog. It won’t fetch any income in the initial days, but it will surely help you get an audience for your future endeavors. 

Pick up a niche and blog about it. Most of the new-time bloggers write about their daily lives, but we doubt anyone would be interested in it. Hence, choose a genre such as technology, gaming, gardening, DIY projects and write blogs about it. Create valuable content and not average write-ups. The audience should be inspired and must follow your blog for years to come. 

2. A House Cleaning service

We do not undermine your abilities by saying this, but you can try a cleaning business for households and small business enterprises. The only skill you are supposed to have is an urge to clean spaces, remove stains, try different cleaning solutions, and provide a stress-free experience for the house owners. 

Suppose you live in a busy city like Chicago; you can find cleaning companies in every lane. But you can come up with nominal-priced packages and innovative ideas to promote your business. For instance, you can contact your neighbors to let them try your services. We are sure they will do so if you have a good rapport with them. It will be a little embarrassing to ask your friends’ families to hire you, but if you have an entrepreneurial mind, you will never let yourself down. 

A college student trying to develop a small business is really inspiring, and people will believe in you eventually and hire you. You can even pick up a niche such as cleaning premises of small business enterprises only. It is a cool idea as business owners will be happy to seek your discounted services and not hire a pseudo or high-priced cleaning service. 

3. A Waterproofing Business

If cleaning isn’t your niche, but you have learned skills such as waterproofing and fixing minor plumbing issues, you can start a business based on it. If your neighborhood is full of villas or apartments, water and moisture are huge concerns, and owners always look out for waterproofing contractors. 

They will certainly appreciate a college student fixing this problem rather than an inexperienced or pseudo contractor bothered only about money. We suggest you observe your surroundings and notice the waterproofing requirements of house owners in your area. Accordingly, plan out your business and promote it. 

Ensure that you are a pro before you step into the business because house owners will look at nothing but perfection in your work. Join a course, work as an intern for a waterproofing firm and then, start a business when you are confident that you can take up the job alone. 

4. Become a Stand-up Comedian

The trophies, applause, and laughs are for your jokes and puns and all the ‘comedy talk’ you do at your college events! You have a wonderful idea to turn your ability to make people laugh into a venture. We know comedy is a serious business, and coming up with jokes all the time is not easy. But if you can tap certain places where you can earn sufficient income for even 2-3 gigs a week, you can really do well. 

You can even start a YouTube Channel and make funny videos on there. If your friends wish to contribute, let them do. This business won’t be tiring for you. If you are funny and humor is all you have to offer to society, you can retain this business for long. 

5. Create Art Pieces and Sell them Online

Artistic persons have ample opportunities in this digital age to create art through these new mediums and spread it across the world. You can make arts of all kinds, greeting cards, wall paintings, ceramic or porcelain potter. Just pick up a niche and dive into it. 

Don’t forget to utilize the power of social media and make your art visible to the world. You can collaborate with online platforms such as Etsy and Shopify to sell and earn money instantly. This could be a side hustle in the college years, and you can take it forward after you finish graduation. 

6. Become a Relationship Coach

It might sound silly to some, but relationship advice is valuable these days. People fall out of a relationship, go through break-ups and rebounds, and don’t know where they stand in a relationship. 

If you are a pro (you will know this if your friends come to you every time they have an issue in their relationships), you can start a podcast or a blog about it. You can start a paid consulting service, provided you offer unbiased and meaningful advice to your clients. You may not have a formal degree as a relationship coach, but if your advice hits the right people, they will pay for your services without any hesitation. 

7. Open a Library/Book Cafe

You can’t live without books and magazines, you have them all over the place, and yes, you have an undying urge to let other readers enjoy what you are reading currently. You can rent a space or convert a room in your house into a library. People can hop in and rent books and pay you. You can host book launches (if you can find writers in your area), book reading events, discussions, and competitions to encourage a friendly environment. 

It is a myth that libraries won’t help you earn money. A genuine reader will always be in search of a good, updated library and pay charges for the services. And if you are an ardent book fan, you won’t care about the money and run the business for passion. 

8. Start a Cupcake Business

Baking is not just a pastime or hobby; it is like an achievement. And if you feel you have accomplished a goal when you bake pineapple cupcakes in your oven, you should be trading those for sure. 

You can connect with a local café in your area or open an online cake business where people can place orders through WhatsApp or phone, pay virtually and collect from your place. It will take some time for the aroma (word) to spread to others, but once you are a known name, you will have continuous orders. You can even accept cake orders for birthdays and other special occasions. 

9. Create a New Product and Legalise It

You could be studying IT or product design, and you have a product idea for years or has recently popped up in your mind. Don’t let it stay, as your brain is not meant for storing ideas. Just let the idea get into shape. Create that product (you can find sponsors), and make it happen. 

We know some might say you are too young to create something. But they say because they don’t have that idea. Simple! Get a patent for the new product. 

10. Become a Dog Walker

Dog walking isn’t a hobby; some people do it as a side hustle. You can even find professional dog walkers who charge exorbitantly. You can start this business (provided there are enough pet dogs in the area) as you can manage your study hours. It doesn’t require money or resources, but if you seek adequate training to behave well with the dogs, you have an added advantage. 

To wrap it up, college students have tons of business ideas to execute. Don’t search for an excuse; believe in your idea and set it to action.