20 Profitable Business Ideas & Opportunities in Florida

The moment someone mentions Florida, the next thing that pops up in our mind is tourism. Of course, tourism is an established sector that brings revenue and opportunities. But you can also find several other supplementary businesses that offer tons of possibilities for revenue and growth. 

Florida is massively populated with more than 850,000 people and provides a wide customer base for new business entrepreneurs. In addition, the climate and overall environment are healthy and do not make you worry about future prospects. As per the latest report, more than 2 million businesses are operating (yes, we are talking about small-scale business organizations) in Florida. 

Let us go through the different small business opportunities that can be tapped in Florida. Then, we will discuss the solid business ideas below. 

20 Best business to start in Florida are as follows:-

1. Gluten-free Food Selling Business

Being sensitive to gluten is not a shame these days. Also, it is not an inconvenience as you can find a variety of gluten-free food options in the market. Hence, setting up a food store that sells gluten-free foods especially is a lucrative business. You will come to the rescue for all those who are sensitive to gluten-free foods. As more and more people are preferring these foods, you will never be short of customers. However, stocking up your store is a concern that you will need to think of. 

By 2019, the gluten-free product industry was supposed to hit $2.35 billion. Hence, looking at this figure, you will surely be inspired to start a related business. 

2. Frozen Yogurt Business

Frozen yogurt has become one of the favorite foods of Americans, and people based out of Florida are no exception. Americans are trying to skip the popular beverages and ice-creams, and their next option is frozen yogurt. It is indeed delicious and sweet. Moreover, setting up a frozen yogurt business requires less capital. Picking up the right suppliers might be a challenge for you, but don’t worry, things will go smoothly as expected. 

The large population of Florida is an excellent reason why you should start a frozen yogurt-selling business over here. 

3. Beach Wedding Services

Florida is all about beaches and sand and waves, and planning a wedding is a dream for most American couples. Sure, why not? If you wish to fulfill this dream of these couples, then starting a beach-based wedding business is a cool business opportunity. 

It is surely a capital-intensive business, but the returns are high. No doubt, beach weddings are expensive, but couples are willing to spend thousands of dollars for the same. Innovation and creativity are the two essential pillars for a successful wedding business as your clients will expect from you. You can find loads of businesses in Florida that arrange beach weddings. Just check out their success stories, and you can start one on a smaller scale. 

4. Start a Scuba Diving Business

Beach-based business industry is incomplete without a scuba diving enterprise. Whoever visits Florida tries scuba diving at least once in their whole trip. In short, you will never be out of work, and if you hire a few scuba divers, you can manage the promotion aspects as well. 

Florida has a river as well as the ocean, and tourism is the second most beautiful thing to happen. So, spend a little money, hire professionals and promote your business. You will always admire your decision in the future. It is worth every money invested in the venture. This business never experiences any doom as tourists come all over the year to this place. 

5. Become a Tour Planner

Yeah, we know, people love to organize their tours by themselves, and Florida also has its share of solo travelers. But there are still many who would like to experience a laid-back style of Florida and have their tours and trips organized. You can become a tour planner if you love organizing tours for others. You need to have intense connections with the right people and be well-versed with the entire place. 

Florida is full of tourists all the year, and the visitors would love to avail of your services. You can offer customized packages and also have some in-built packages for you. 

6. Start a Yoga Institute

No one will ever say ‘no’ to beach yoga or even at a Florida-based studio. If you are passionate about all types of yoga, you can start a studio here. In Florida, you will find more people into yoga than the gym and other fitness techniques. You can hire an instructor or teach by yourself; the choice is yours. 

You can offer a subscription service for the residents of Florida and some cool packages for travelers. Being customized and open-minded will help you in the long run. The tourists won’t be visiting you often, but they will surely recommend your studio to their fellow friends who will visit Florida in the future. 

7. Start a Business Consultancy Firm

Does it sound weird to start a business consultancy firm in a touristy place like Florida? Not at all. Because there are so many small businesses coming up in the city, and they all need valuable business insights and advice. And you could be the one to offer the same to the new business entrepreneurs. So you can start a business consultancy firm and help them in the start-up process. 

You need to have a thorough knowledge of Florida, several business types, and also of how to start and succeed in a particular type of business. Although, you don’t need to be a genius; even if you are at the pro level, it will be of immense help. 

8. Start a Digital Marketing Agency

The digital marketing business has no end. You can start it anywhere, and at any time; there is no location-based restriction. However, since there are several businesses in Florida, they will require digital marketing services from an agency like yours. 

You will need expertise, a few professionals, and a lot of dedication to start this business. Moreover, you should not focus too much on the services but also reflect on how you will be selling your services to the clients. 

9. Start a Bed and Breakfast Option or an Airbnb

If you have a property (even a tiny one will do), you can start a bed and breakfast option. It will never be out of clients as travelers keep coming to Florida throughout the year. However, you might need to add extra chargeable services such as tour planning, barbeque, beach visits, scuba diving, etc. This business will give you good returns, so don’t underestimate the potential. 

10. Start a Drone Rental Business

Most travelers are interested in photography and videography, but carrying a drone is not a feasible idea. You could save their trip by providing drones on a rental basis. The best thing is that the usage of drones has been finally legalized by the Federal Aviation Administration. You can even offer complementary services such as pre-wedding and wedding videography, or you can go simple and provide a mere drone rental service, no worries. 

11. A Tattoo Studio

All those who are not interested in videography and yoga love to have a tattoo on their bodies as a part of the souvenir. If you love tattoos and have learned the art, Florida is an awesome place to start a studio. You do not have to attract clients; travellers and tourists will be attracted to you, provided you position your business effectively. 

Stop working on other’s energy and channelize your creativity in building your own studio. A tattoo studio could be something small, and still, you will be earning good returns. 

12. Become a Dating Consultant

Now, dating has nothing to do with the beaches, but it has a deeper connection with people living anywhere in the United States, including Florida. Dating has completely changed in the last few years due to technology, leading to more confusion. Dating consultancy might sound a bit different, but it has plenty of opportunities. You will help your clients in choosing appropriate matches and suggest them accordingly. 

No doubt, your expertise will help them choose a date, and you will earn revenue out of this interesting business venture. 

13. Set up a Microbrewery

Breweries sound complicated, but a microbrewery sounds like a fantastic and easy-going business opportunity. Even if it requires considerable investment, it is a good business idea to tap in Florida. In 2018, the beer industry recorded a revenue of more than $25 billion. Seek appropriate knowledge of brewing methods, beer quality, and other aspects, and you will see a rise in your clients in the initial days of the business. 

14. Set Up a Pet Food and Accessories Store

Some businesses never fall out of trend. And a pet-related business is one such idea. Americans are fond of pets, and so are the people living in Florida. So if you would like to establish a resident-based business and not a tourist-related venture, then initiating a pet-based store is a great idea. 

You can stock your store with pet food, accessories, games and even try to offer pet grooming and training services for the pooches. Pets are not limited to dogs; you can even sell cat and fish food at your store. 

15. Become a Real Estate Agent

If tourist-based businesses are not your thing, but real estate is, you can become an agent or an investor in Florida. People love to settle or move to Florida for different reasons (yeah, it is a wonderful place, no doubt). You can help them in choosing a property, and you can earn a high number of profits in return. A real estate business is a high-yielding business. Some start it as a side hustle, but you can initiate in a full-fledged manner too. 

16. Provide Meal Delivery Services

It is a hassle for many, especially elderly people, to cook healthy food at home. You can initiate a meal delivery service with customised packages and options such as gluten-free food, vegetarian food, vegan food, and so on. You can focus on delivering meals to senior citizens or everyone in your area. 

17. Set Up a Food Truck

No matter whether it is the bustling lane of New York or a lively beach in Florida, everyone just loves food trucks. You can choose to sell healthy drinks and foods or fast-food items like French Fries. You can even focus on selling delicious seafood as you are in Florida. Ensure that you serve quality and delicious food items as customers get attracted to such foods. 

The food truck business is also suitable for those who have a strict budget and still want to explore an opportunity. You can even open multiple food trucks selling a variety of items. 

18. Become a Party Planner

Aren’t beach parties wonderful? Yeah, you can become a party planner and assist your clients in conducting beach parties. However, it is better if you have prior experience in event or party planning. Moreover, you need to maintain good connections with the right people such as breweries, decoration agents, and caterers. 

Beach parties are common in Florida, and earning significant revenue is the only thing you can expect from your venture. 

19. Create and Sell Jewellery

If you are an artist and creating jewelry is your passion, you can pursue it and open a tiny store in Florida. However, do not expect customers to rush to your store on the first day. It will take time for people to notice your art. Moreover, with online promotions, you can take up your business to the next level. 

You can even accept customized orders for groups of clients and conduct workshops for them to learn the art. 

20. Start an Organic Food Store or Sell Organic Beauty Products

Some people swear by organic products, and hence, helping them to shop for organic products, including food items and beauty care products, is a good thing to do. You can help them build and survive a natural lifestyle without harming their health and the environment. Tie up with a good supplier and establish a visible online presence for more prospects. 

We hope the above 20 business ideas are useful for you to set up a profitable venture in Florida.