7 Business ideas for People with Disabilities

“They call me disabled. I call myself specially abled.” This is what the great Muniba Mazari said at a Ted talk and needs to be noted by every person in the world. We should thank the world for creating ample opportunities for everyone, including people with disabilities. They can work on their passions and ambitions, launch online businesses and create their own small empire because of digital technology.

The global market is dynamic, and it doesn’t differentiate between people. For it, everyone is alike, and if you have got talent, you ought to optimize it. 

Opportunities for people with disabilities 

Before we step into the business ideas, let us go through a few action plans that you can implement to tap opportunities in the existing business world. 

  1. If you think that you cannot dive into the massive ocean of the business world, check out the examples of small business owners who have overcome disabilities and established their ventures. The US Department of Labor lists out these. 
  2. Learn from your disabilities and help people who are dealing with those. You are more empathetic than other business owners, and it will be your competitive advantage. 
  3. Search for funding sources actively as the US government grants loans and other financial help to people with disabilities. Don’t miss out on the non-profit organizations that can offer a helping hand to your business. 
  4. As we mentioned you could learn from yourself. In the same way you can learn from other disabled persons too. You find inspiration at every path you choose. It reminds you all the time that you are not alone, even if you think you will be walking alone on the road to success. 
  5. Online businesses are meant for you, and you have to learn digital and assistive technology for your own benefit. 
  6. It is not always about funding. You should learn about how to utilize funding and avoid the mistakes that any new business entrepreneur can commit. 
  7. Though there are several projects and entities working for disabled people, we would like to mention Chicagoland Entrepreneurship Education for People with Disabilities. You can train yourself, get well-versed with the skills and seek expertise due to their mentorship. 
  8. In the United States, you can find several organizations offering resources to disabled persons. Get in touch with them, and feel free to express your issues. 

7 Business ideas for disabled

Let us go through the core business ideas. 

1. Become a Freelancer

Maybe you can pen down your thoughts clearly, or can create websites, or provide virtual assistance services. You can be your Boss and stop living an average life by becoming a freelancer. It might be tough to seek the first few reliable clients, but once you have them on your list, your life will be great. You need a laptop and internet connection to run this business, yeah, no special resources required. However, ensure that you are well-versed in the skill you choose. It could be animation or freelance writing. You ought to be a pro.

2. Provide Repair Services

Mobile repair, electronics repair, laptop repair – All kinds of repair services fall under this category. If you love fixing this and have been doing it for your loved ones, it is time to share your skill-set. Of course, you should know about repair services, no doubt. But once you get into the business, people will flock to your home to get their precious belongings fixed. 

3. Become a Consultant

It is similar to freelancing, but you do not offer a service but provide expertise on certain significant matters. For instance, if you know how to hike sales and establish a client base, you can become a mentor for a small business organization. You need not be the master of sales or business growth, you have to be an expert, and that’s okay. 

Small business owners will not expect you to be a perfectionist, but they will want advice that helps them in the long run. 

4. Become a Tutor

You could be well-versed in a musical instrument or fluent in a foreign language. You could be a Maths trainer. You have lots of opportunities in the online training field. For example, if you love arts and crafts, you can collaborate with learning platforms and teach students worldwide. It brings revenue and boosts your confidence and self-esteem and upgrades your life more than before. 

5. Start a Small Retail Business

As we mentioned before, the business scenario has completely changed in the past few decades. Hence, when we say a retail business, one can hardly imagine a brick-and-mortar store as everything has been replaced by digital technology. Of course, you can open a small store in your backyard and have an online existence too. Or you can have only the virtual presence; it all depends on your preference and ability level. Customers will approach you once they know you have a brand image and your products are of incredible quality. 

6. Open a Library

If you like to be around books all the time, you can start a library of your own in your house premises. As the library timings are limited, you can balance your personal life as well or allot more time to your family life. The library business is fun if you organize events and socialize with the readers. Books are your best friends, and so are the book readers. 

7. Start a Franchise

It is easy for anyone to advise you to start a new business, but if you want to keep things simple and risk-free, you can start a franchise instead. You will obviously get a head start on your career as the brand name will help you seek clients. But if you select a niche that interests you, maybe your franchise model will be known for its customer service. You will be employing people and helping them build their lives. 

Now, it is time to believe in your abilities and ideas and start a new business venture with effective planning and research.