20 Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities in Pennsylvania

If your question for the day is, ‘how to start a small business in Pennsylvania?’ then we have a ton of ideas for you. Moreover, starting a business in this wonderful state isn’t challenging at all. With a little paperwork and a tiny amount of capital, you can get into the league with other small businesses and establish your business identity. So, get ready with your passion and make it a mission. 

As we said, we have plenty of opportunities to start a venture, but due to lack of space and time, we can only cover the best 20 business ideas. But before we get into that, we need to discuss a few vital things. 

Starting a business in Pennsylvania is relatively easy as compared to other major states in the United States. Within a few weeks, you will be done with all the registration formalities and licensing tasks. Moreover, it is not expensive to start a business as rent and costs of business operations are much lower. The state Department of Revenue has a comprehensive eBook that is an amazing guideline for future investors. It has all the information that you can apply in your business for better prospects. 

Now, it is the time for business ideas. 

1. Start a pizzeria

You know how Americans love pizzas and swear by them. You can be the supplier in a prime area. Moreover, the process to start this business is easy and straightforward. You can even become a franchise of an established brand or merely start your own. You can supplement the menu with pasta and other items. But try to keep it short and convenient. Home delivery services are highly recommended as people prefer to chill at home and munch on pizzas with their friends. Setting up an online portal or a phone app will be lauded for sure. 

2. Open a music or dance training centre

People passionate about music and dance will love to start this venture. Being a music or dance teacher, you can spread your art to all those who are interested in learning. They could be learning for professional reasons or as a hobby. You can start this center as a physical set-up or online; it all depends on you. If you are also proficient in vocal singing, add that to your list. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a good music teacher these days. 

3. Open a phone sales and repair store

Mobile phones are used by almost everyone. At some points in their lives, they break down, or the mobile phone owners need a new one. You could be the one coming to their rescue, repairing the existing devices, or helping them buy new ones. Even if buying phones online is easy, getting them repaired is a serious concern. Finding a reliable repair center is challenging, and you can cover this particular challenge. However, technical knowledge is highly recommended as we can find several types of phones now. 

4. Provide a handyman service

You know the chaos that takes place when a tap breaks or the flush doesn’t work properly, or the heater valve damages. You need a handyman and not a Superman in such critical situations. If you have the necessary skills and are capable of running around for such tasks, then you can be the handyman. If you want to take a tiny step further, you can hire more handypersons and start a handyman service. Ensure that you have an online presence; an app will be perfect so that people can hire you through their smartphones. 

5. Start a moving service

Moving household belongings and other stuff from one location to another within the state is challenging but not impossible with a good moving service. You will need a few helpers, a truck, or a van to carry the belongings, and you are good to start the business. It is much essential to take care of the items as you move them from one place to another. It could be stuff for you, but it carries emotions and feelings for your clients. Hence, while promoting your venture, ensure that you convey to the clients that you care about their things and have taken proper measures. 

6. Become an education counselor

Education is the prime industry in the United States. Students aim for higher education within the country and outside the States for various types of courses. But they do not have sufficient knowledge and are often confused about which courses to take up. Being an education counselor, you can help them seek the right higher education. You need to have profound knowledge of all the fields and streams existing in the education industry. Moreover, you require excellent communication skills. But once you are out there helping out students, you can earn much better than expected. 

7. Start a security agency

The cities in Pennsylvania are expanding every day, and they need to be protected by skilled persons. You can provide the much-needed protection by opening a security agency and catering to the security requirements. You will need a workforce, and you might have to incur expenses and spend time recruiting and training them. You also need to contact organizations that need such security services. A security agency is needed by almost every organization in the world, and so you will never experience a shortage of clients. 

8. Open a bakery

Most people have a sweet tooth, and only a good bakery can satisfy their taste buds. So, if you have the baking skills and a passion for serving your customers with the world’s best cookies and bagels, you should start a baking business in this state. Select an area that does not have more bakeries, but you will have to promote your business. If you want to simply concentrate on the baking task, you can tie up with a famous bakery and supply your food. It is one of the best ideas as it helps you be creative and earn money at the same time. 

9. Become a financial advisor

Since several big and small-sized businesses are coming up in the state, the need for a financial advisor will arise eventually. You will need to seek some knowledge and experience and have the intuition of this subject. And if you have them all, you shouldn’t waste time and start a business and offer skills to a business that needs to grow and expand. This can be done even from your home. If you have a niche such as crowdfunding or mutual funds, then go for it. 

10. Start a health care center

You can add a variety of services in this center, all relating to health care and well-being. For instance, yoga sessions, naturopathy, acupressure, Pilates, meditation, and so on. Since natural health care is a new and popular trend these days, you can help people develop a healthy lifestyle. You will need to hire healthcare experts and own or lease a space for the same. But as more and more people focus on health and well-being and natural remedies, they will prefer you over the other medical sciences. Try to add more natural healthcare methods, and you will be in business. 

11. Start a nursery

Yeah, we know starting a nursery in the digital world seems to be an outdated idea. But we need green plants for all kinds of reasons. Why not help people grow plants in their balconies or yards? You can start a nursery, provided you have a craze for the same. You can even connect to offices and restaurants and make them realize the importance of green plants. Creating awareness about greenery and plants is much essential to spread your business. 

12. Start a laundry service

This business idea is more suitable in urban areas where people are tied up with work and don’t have time to do or visit a laundry. You can start a laundry that provides dry cleaning and other services as well, along with pick up and delivery facilities. You will need basic tools, a place to iron or dry clean, and you are done. You can do it on own or hire a person for a manual job. You will earn well when you have stable clients. Just ensure that you provide them with laundry as per their schedules. They will never switch their laundry service if you follow high work standards. 

13. Start a stationery store

Even if people buy stationery online these days, some prefer to visit a brick-and-mortar road. If you add arts and crafts material to your store, you can attract more clients, particularly art enthusiasts. Stock quality stationery and be friendly with your clients as most of them will be young students. Open your store at a prime location where schools and colleges are nearby, as students can hop in your store whenever required. 

14. Start a landscaping business

This might look similar to a nursery business, but here you actually provide landscaping services to your customers. This business idea is suitable for the outskirts of a city and not the actual urban areas. You can start small and cater to tiny homes and help them seek a better landscape or garden. Further, you can invest in more tools and equipment and expand your client base. Remember to serve well with creativity as your clients will be suggesting you to their friends and acquaintances. Marketing tactics need to be more organized, and one of them is to seek reviews of previous customers. So, treat every customer uniquely as they need your excellent skills. 

15. Become a recruitment consultant

Since the state of Pennsylvania is home to several Fortune companies and small and mid-sized businesses, they all need a talented workforce. Moreover, you can find young people looking for jobs every day in this state. You can start a recruitment consultancy and help both these parties. You can help people get jobs in these companies, thereby meeting the workforce requirements of the organizations. You can charge a fee, and we are sure the resulting income will be great. You need some human resource skills to tap the right opportunities. 

16. Start an elder care service

As we are talking about businesses for younger generations, we also need to consider the requirements of older adults. And we have a business idea if you wish to respect seniors. Elder care service is an excellent idea that will be both noble as well as profitable. You can run errands for them, provide medical services, accompany them to nearby places and spend time with them. You need to hire skilled staff to take care of the elders. You can even start a daycare center for the older adults, letting them interact with each other. 

17. Start an architectural firm

Since cities and suburban areas all are expanding at a rapid rate in the state, construction businesses are likely to demand architectural services. You need the requisite qualifications, skills, and knowledge to start this business as it needs specialization in the related field. Moreover, you need to develop innovative designs for the clients, expecting something unique from you. Try to stand out in the industry by providing suitable designs as per client requirements. 

18. Start a thrift store

Thrift stores are great as they help people to buy affordable items as per their budget. Also, you can stop the fast fashion industry trends and let people try sustainable clothing for a while. Thrift stores are great places to shop and are often preferred by youngsters, especially students. But due to the sustainable clothing trends, more people are shopping from thrift stores. Location is important, and it should stand out. Try to conduct sales and offer discounts to let more customers shop at your place. Also, include more unique pieces (we know you will have to search more places). 

19. Start a waste management service

We cannot deny the fact that waste generation is unavoidable. So, you can start a waste management service and deal with it effectively. You can collect waste from people’s houses, or you can inform them to drop it at your location. People will be happy as they do not have to worry about the disposal of electronic items, plastic cans and all. It will be taken care of by you in an environment-friendly manner. It is a cool business opportunity, and you can generate income by managing waste. But we will recommend strongly seeking more knowledge about waste management methodologies and other approaches. 

20. Start a fast-food outlet

People will never say no to fast food when the hunger pangs come up. They will be happy to munch on delicacies at your outlet rather than control it or eat chips instead. You can experiment with a lot of options, including the healthy ones. For instance, instead of refined flour, you can use whole wheat or multigrain flour. People will love you if you provide home delivery services too. 

In short, picking up the right business is the first step to success. As we have provided the best 20 ones, you can surely choose an appropriate business opportunity easily. *


1. Is investing in Pennsylvania a wise choice?

Pennsylvania is home to various investment and business opportunities, which may make this a wise choice for investors. The state has a diverse and growing economy, a skilled and educated workforce, and access to large markets and major transportation options.

2. What types of businesses are popular in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, popular businesses include technology industry, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and tourism.

3. Are there any government incentives for businesses in Pennsylvania?

Yes, the state encourages businesses to invest and expand in the state by offering various government incentives, such as the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Program, which provides loans to businesses and covers the cost of certain projects.

4. What types of investors are most successful in Pennsylvania?

Investors with a high-risk tolerance and a long-term investment outlook may find success in Pennsylvania, as well as investors with industry expertise and local knowledge. Additionally, retail investors may benefit from the diversity of industries and sectors that can be found in this state.

5. What is the impact of the Coronavirus on investment opportunities in Pennsylvania?

The impact of the coronavirus has been significant to Pennsylvania’s investment opportunities. Businesses must adhere to state safety guidelines which can lead to challenging economic conditions and make fundraising or securing working capital difficult.

6. What are the primary risks associated with investing in Pennsylvania?

There are various risks associated with investing in Pennsylvania, including macroeconomic risks from national recessions, market risks from competition, and business-specific risks from regulations, labor disputes, and changing customer demands.

7. How do I find good investment opportunities in Pennsylvania?

Good investment opportunities can be found by researching companies and industries in the state, joining professional networks related to your field, and attending events and conferences related to investment and business.

8. What resources can I access to learn more about investment opportunities in Pennsylvania?

Resources to learn more about investment opportunities in Pennsylvania include the Small Business Association network, the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority.

9. Are there any restrictions on investing in Pennsylvania?

Yes, while there are no rules that specifically restrict investing in Pennsylvania, all investment transactions must comply with federal and state laws and regulations.

10. What are some benefits of investing in Pennsylvania?

:Some benefits of investing in Pennsylvania include access to tax and financing incentives, a skilled and educated workforce, and major transportation options. Additionally, the state has a diverse and growing economy with many opportunities for investors.