20 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start in Texas

We all know Texas is also known as the Lone Star state. With a population of more than 29 million (which is the second-highest in the United States), a business venture will never suffer here. This is because the population is increasing and the demand for more business ventures too. Opening up another library or a coffee shop will not harm the competition, and you will observe a steady pattern of growth, sales, and expansion. A profitable business idea with effective planning is needed to live your successful business dream.

Texas is a favourable place to start a business even if you want to add the lowest possible risk, little investment, and expect a high yield in profit. If it is a small business, doesn’t matter as with the right promotion and advertising techniques, you can reach a decent audience and seek orders and contracts from them. 

Texas has a remarkably growing economy with a geographical advantage. It has a high-class transportation network and stable industrial sectors such as telecommunication, healthcare, technology, and banking. In terms of tax liability, it has the lowest burdens in the whole country, making your business more financially viable. More than 50 Fortune companies are located in Texas, which is one of the promising states for small business owners. 

If you already live in Texas, it is excellent as you don’t have to move from another state. But if you are planning to move to Texas and start a business, you can surely consider it. The business climate and avenues are wonderful with lots of opportunities, and you will not feel a lack of spirit and enthusiasm over here. 

Let us gear up for the top 20 profitable small businesses in Texas

1. Cleaning, Sanitation, and Disinfection services

The global pandemic has changed the business scenario by 180 degrees. There will be no shortage of clients for you if you start a cleaning and disinfection service. This is because businesses are coming up, and even the existing ones require such services on a regular basis. It could be a bank, an institution, or a coaching center; it needs to be disinfected by an expert. As you enter the scene, they don’t have to rely on big sanitation businesses every time and rely on your venture instead. 

2. A Vending Machine with Healthy Snacks

If you do not wish to initiate an active business where you have to get involved all the time, an automatic vending machine business should be your plan. And if you would like to stay away from unhealthy snacks and delicacies such as candies and ice-creams, you can decide to be healthy and start something unique

People in Texas are careful about their weight and calorie intake, they would love to use your vending machine dispensing healthy snacks each time they insert a coin. It could be fruits, or sugar-free juices, or lactose-free milk (for the sensitive ones). 

Not all people in Texas are health-conscious, but as soon as people notice your machine in their area, they might shift towards such products. Ensure that your vending machine is refilled and is fully functional, and is placed near a gym or a healthcare center to attract the desired audience. 

3. A Home Inspection Service

This is a business based on your specific qualifications and certifications. Hence, if you are dedicated to starting this business, we will request you to seek the necessary credentials. If you are already into home inspection services, then Texas will be a great place to start. Your job is to evaluate a house or a property, analyse the underlying issues and inform to house owner. Remember, you are not in a capacity to announce the decisions to the house owners, but inform them about the discrepancies in the current property. 

You need to be well-versed with the zoning laws and building codes in Texas, and hence, we request you be acquainted with the same. You can initiate this business at a small scale for individual house buyers and sellers. 

4. A Sports Goods Store

If you like sports and have always found yourself suggesting sports goods to your friends, it is time to help other people. Texas is a fantastic place as most of the sports leagues and tournaments happen over here. Yeah, you can help them make better choices. 

Sports goods are not inexpensive items; you might need to shell more money to buy and include them in your store. But if you can find affiliate marketing opportunities or a suitable franchise model, you can surely tap the desired profit level. But we would like to add that if you have the skill and ability to sell, you will win. 

5. A Thrift Store

The trends of minimalism and intentional living are rising in the United States, including Texas. People are trying to avoid the fast fashion industry and choose a sustainable living style, yes, in the case of fashion pieces too. A thrift store is a place where fashionistas and non-fashionistas visit to add clothing pieces of reasonable prices in their closet.

Ensure that your store is located at a prime location to help people spot you easily. An Instagram handle loaded with the latest apparel in your store will be of great help. 

6. A Zero-Waste Store

A zero-waste lifestyle is the need of the hour, but it has become a trend right now. Some people follow it religiously and prefer buying from specific stores only. If you have substantial capital to invest in a grocery or convenience store, why not in a zero-waste shop? You can include all kinds of organic food items along with a few zero-waste products such as bamboo toothbrushes and steel straws. Plastic carry-ons are a strict no-no, and hence, try to collaborate with a local cloth bag supplier and increase your footfall. 

7. A Car Wash Service

Unlike in New York, Texas has a large number of cars, thanks to the new trends and people following them. So, another car wash service will not be a problem, provided you offer consistent and flawless services. Several car owners are lethargic about washing their own cars and would prefer to assign the said task to you. You can even add a few auto repairs services in your business venture, but for starters, keep it minimal till you get a few first and steady clients. 

8. Open a Digital Marketing Firm

As we said, Texas is a growing economy, and small businesses crop up on a weekly basis. As every business needs a strong and visible online presence, they will require the services of a digital marketing firm that could be yours. You can stick to only small businesses, help them run online campaigns, and create solid visibility on the search engine results. 

9. Start a Social Media Consultancy

This business goes in alignment with the previous one – digital marketing services. You will be responsible for handling social media presence and channels for a company or companies. Generally, small businesses or start-ups might try to save costs and manage social media presence by themselves. But your job is to look for those small companies who do not mind assigning the said task to you.

They understand the significance of outsourcing social media management tasks to an expert like you. You can initiate this business from home if you have no capital at the start. But as you seek a few clients, you can hire assistants or interns, depending upon the workload of your business. 

10. A Food Truck

Foodies, cooks, and chefs – this business idea will fascinate you because you are on top of the world when you cook and serve people with your delicacies. And a food truck isn’t too small or too large; it is perfect for first-time businesses or small business owners. You can sell food items that you cook or packaged foods, depending upon your preferences. You can target the young audience and place the truck where other trucks are or in a specific food truck lane. Or you can even target the corporate employees or labor force and place your truck near a corporate office or a construction site accordingly. 

11. A Home Maintenance Service

Yeah, handymen serve people living in townships and buildings, but what if he is not available? What if the house owner wants to avail professional services for a certain group of tasks or not hire the local handyman and experience average-rated services?

A home maintenance service provides all kinds of repair, replacement, and maintenance tasks such as plumbing, electrical systems, roofing, etc. You can have an app or get yourself registered on a related site. 

The house owners can easily locate you through the app, avail your high-standard services and stop depending upon the handyman.

12. A Beauty Salon Service

If you are into beauty-related services or massaging services, you can start a small business by providing related services at customers’ homes or start a small salon. You don’t have to incorporate lavish interiors or high-class ambiance. You could be simple yet effective. You can focus on a particular aspect like threading, massages, facials, organic facials, and so on, and not have everything under the roof. 

People in Texas work hard in offices and institutions, and they would love to seek your services for relaxation and calmness (of course, beauty as well). 

13. A Roof-Top Gardening Service

Gardening might sound trivial to a few, but people living in Texas have realized the importance of full-grown green gardens on their terraces or backyards. If gardening is something you and would like to help people grow fruits and flowers at their homes, you can start a suitable venture. Though people love flowers and plants, they really don’t have time to maintain, and choose a gardening service. If you have certifications, it will help you attract clients. Or you can just choose word-of-mouth publicity to add more clients to your business. 

14. A Laundry Service

Not everyone in Texas spends half of the weekends washing soiled clothes and have ‘do laundry’ items in their agendas. You can start a laundry service that picks up clothes from customers’ homes, makes them super-clean, and delivers them at the said timing. It is a profitable venture, even if it sounds small and typical. You will be of help to the busy people; nothing is life-saving like that. 

15. A Fitness Center

When we say a fitness center, it could be anything, yoga or Pilates or even MMA or weight training. It depends on your expertise, interest, and certifications to open an appropriate fitness center in Texas. Yeah, we know, there are loads of other fitness centers, gyms, and institutions in Texas which help people get slim and fit. But if you target the right audience and make it small and sweet, you can earn a profitable income out of this business idea. 

16. A Daycare Service

You can start a daycare service for toddlers, children, senior adults, and even dogs. As we repeatedly say, people in Texas are busy, but they care for their children, parents, and pets. Hence, they will love to avail of your daycare services, provided you are genuine and reliable. You need to have the right facility and staff. This business idea calls for substantial capital and resources, and you cannot afford to compromise on the quality of services. 

17. A Book Cafe or a Regular Cafe

Another substantial-capital idea, a café or a book café, is a brilliant one as people love to explore places to talk and experience a calm environment. They could hang out with friends or a loved one, read a book while sipping coffee, doodle, draw and scribble or just listen to their inner voice. A coffee shop is a perfect place to create if you simply love this idea.

Ensure that you do not make things boring; try to add a spark of enthusiasm with books, music, ambiance, and even coffee mugs. 

18. A Pharmacy Store

This business idea falls under the essential category, and no matter how many pharmacists crop up in an area, a pharmacy store will never be short of business. You can even provide a home delivery facility to help aged and disabled people. You can add a range of natural, organic supplements in your store and affiliate with reputed brands. 

19. A Healthy Food Joint

During the pandemic, there was an increasing awareness of healthy, immunity-boosting foods and beverages. And it is a greater possibility that people will continue with this new trend and adopt it permanently. You can start a food joint with freshly cooked healthy food items and beverages. Herbal teas, turmeric lattes, brown bread sandwiches, sugar-free pastries – all these could be a part of your menu. You do not have to be bland and boring; you can come up with interesting food menus to interest your audience. 

20. An Egg Shop

A simple business idea yet profitable is to start an egg shop and add a few poultry items as well. You can open this shop in a shopping center where people generally buy all the essential stuff. Since this will be a specific egg shop, you can add ample varieties of eggs such as brown eggs, organic eggs, etc. 

Wrapping it up, there are tons of businesses to start in Texas, but we have listed out the above 20 as unique and profitable ones.