10 Profitable Business Ideas for Women with Low Investment

a women starting business planning

Women are capable of becoming Wonder Women. Of course, they are great mothers, fantastic sisters, obedient daughters, and much more. But apart from that, women can unleash their creativity and talent and spread it around the globe. They are smart business entrepreneurs too, and their area of business is not limited to beauty and wellness or blogging. You can find women entrepreneurs in every walk of business, and it is the best thing to happen. 

Starting a small business for a woman won’t take much time if she is really dedicated to her passion and skills. She might have to manage household life and professional life and juggle it for a while, but she will easily get a knack for it. It is exciting to initiate a small business as you take charge of your future and finances. You become independent in terms of living and thinking, and you can establish your own standing in the family and society as well. 

When it comes to female-centric business ideas, you are not limited to opening salons and spas. So, we have curated a few business ideas for you if you want to explore the dynamic side of yours.

So, let us begin with these small business ideas for women entrepreneurs

1. Photography

How hard is it to see a woman capturing professional photos at a corporate event? Well, you can make it visualizing possible with your love for the camera. You can stop working for a charity at family functions and become a professional photographer by setting up your own business. 

So, gear up your camera and let your talent unleash at professional events too. A camera is surely a good investment, but it is not the only thing you need. You will need tripods, photo and video editing software, flashlights, and even drone cameras. You will also need one or two assistants to take care of the extra shots. 

Till you get into business and seek clients, you can post images on your social media handles and photography sites or work on small projects. Your first project isn’t far away if you know how to network and spread the word about your business. 

2. Yoga Center

This is a universal trend, and yoga trainers will never be out of work in the United States, even during a grave situation like the pandemic. If you have a wonderful idea of owning a place and converting it into a yoga center or a yoga sanctuary, go ahead with it. Or you can start a yoga training business through online sessions, personalized training, or conducting those at your home itself. 

In the beginning, you can be flexible by teaching students at their homes or calling at your home for sessions. When you have sufficient funds, you can rent or buy a studio. But if you have an idea of a lavish yoga center coupled with a spa and meditation center, you can borrow from a bank or financial institution. 

3. Wedding Planner

You might be in the sixth grade when you had planned an imaginary wedding for your friend or yourself. Yeah, when it comes to weddings, women have divine visualization powers. They can dig into existing trends, discover new ones and try to create a fusion of several patterns. However, please note that wedding planning is not just about being dreamy. 

You will need a systematic process to put wedding plans into action. Good capital is required, and you need to have sufficient experience in handling multiple tasks at the same time. We suggest working as an intern to gain some first-hand experience. You will also have to understand client specifications effectively, particularly the customs and traditions they follow at a wedding. 

4. Fashion Designing Institute

Being a fashion designer is itself a business idea. But if you want to elevate it and take it to the next level, you could be spreading your knowledge and skills with the new budding artists. Even if you can find several women entrepreneurs in this business line, you could be starting on a small scale. 

For instance, you can open a fashion design school for girls from financially challenging backgrounds. In this way, you are not only training them about fashion but also helping them earn a livelihood. You can sell the designs created by these students. So, even if you provide education at a discounted rate, you will not be at a loss. 

5. A Florist

We observe people around us buying flowers for different occasions, to give someone or to make themselves cheerful for the day. You can be a florist, and it will require minimal capital to start this business. The shop location is a vital factor to consider, as you want people to spot your shop easily from a distance. 

If you have a small garden at your home, you could be growing flowers and selling them at your shop. This will save the costs and trouble of getting flowers from other suppliers. Supplying customized bouquets for different occasions through online orders is another great complimentary business idea. 

6. A Gift Shop

Women have a unique taste for gifting, and you can utilize this hidden talent of yours. You can open a gift shop in your area and help customers pick up gifts for their loved ones. You can become a franchisor of a reputed brand or open an independent store; it all depends on you. You do not need any experience, just a special skill to add exquisite gifts to your shop. 

You need a trusted dealer whom you can rely on the gifts you choose. A shop at a prime location, a little capital, and a presentable you – these are all you need for a successful gift shop business. 

7. Copywriting and Proofreading Service

If you have substantial experience in blogging, copywriting, and proofreading services (or editing), you can start a full-fledged business. You can hire assistants or full-time employees to take care of all the work, and you can get involved in the client-tapping business. 

You need a robust online presence, particularly on the relevant platforms to showcase your experience and skills. You will get good projects, just be patient in the initial stages, and do not forget to be consistent with high-quality work. 

8. Laundry Service 

One of the profitable and most-needed businesses in every lane of the United States is the laundry service. Those who do not have time to do laundry, or cannot do it perfectly, or do not have access to washing machines and other facilities can approach your shop. 

However, not all households need laundry service. Some prefer to do their chores. So, it would help if you did proper research of the area before setting up the business. Probably, an area where students and working people live who require a laundry service badly. 

You will need minimal equipment but a consistent attitude to grow this business. You can attract clients with discounts and offers in the initial stages. 

9. Online Tutor

If you are a stay-at-home mom and love teaching kids, you can try to transform this passion into a business by becoming an online tutor. You can find several online tutoring platforms where you can register and go ahead with it. 

In the pandemic age, it is better to seek the help from online sources, and hence, this could be a profitable business idea. You can develop different teaching strategies or even design courses for students. 

10. Image Consultancy or Personal Branding Strategist

You can apply your branding skills and knowledge to help other women entrepreneurs. Every business is different, and the business owner needs to portray a specific image in front of the clients and employees. You can help these business owners to create a full-fledged brand that distinguishes it from that of the others. 

Branding is a broad term. It includes creating logos, banners, mission statements for the entrepreneurs. But it also helps a businesswoman dress smartly to achieve success and present herself well during client meetings and discussions. 

If you have the right knowledge, we suggest starting this business. It is a new trend, and women entrepreneurs would like to work with you. You need to be excellent in interacting with women from all walks of life and understand their requirements. It might take a good start-up capital, but with the proper networking, you can seek high-profile clients. 

We hope you liked the above 10 profitable and interesting business ideas for the divine woman in you. So, get started and prove your identity in the business world today!