Starting a Chimney Sweep Business – Profitable Business Plan

If you do not know about the chimney sweep business, then here is a short explanation. A chimney sweep business is about cleaning and taking care of kitchen and house chimneys as per the convenience level of customers. Not all people have the time and liberty to clean up their chimneys. Depending on a general cleaning service isn’t a good idea. You need a professional who has the requisite level of expertise to take care of the chimneys, clean and maintain them. 

Regularly cleaning chimneys by a professional is a must for every household or industrial setup. And the good news is that you can become an expert in the chimney sweep business and acquire a credible standing in the industry. You will earn stable and regular clients from all kinds of areas such as households and commercial enterprises. You can be your own Boss without the need to rely on clients for every paycheck. You can deal with clients who align with your business values and contribute to the profit margins substantially. 

So, why wait and take others to seek hold over the chimney sweep industry? Instead, why not become the next Number One chimney cleaning company in the market. Here is a simple business plan that you can refer to. 

Overview of the Chimney Sweep Business 

It is obvious that chimney cleaning businesses have higher demand in areas where houses and commercial units have chimneys. If not, we cannot see the benefit of setting up a chimney cleaning business. Hence, when you decide to set up a chimney sweep business, study the areas where you can find a maximum number of chimneys. It need not be your locality; you can explore neighborhoods, other areas, and cities where you can find a more significant number of houses and units with chimneys and set up a business over there. 

The second aspect is that the chimney sweep business is not a side hustle or something you can do on weekends. You have to make it a full-time venture as you will employ a skilled team and marketing executives to run the overall business operations. If you want to restrict it to a part-time business, you can do it right now, but you might not be able to break even or achieve the desired profit goal. 

As per the studies conducted by the Indeed web portal, the chimney sweep cleaning companies earn around $17.15 in one hour. Hence, we suggest going part-time and becoming the owner, not just a venture to do in your free time. In the United States, you can find more than 5000 chimney cleaning businesses (which is certainly not a huge number), and they employ 6500 employees in their companies. 

Now, let us start with the actual plan. 

Executive Summary 

  1. The first thing you need to mention is the business name. It could be Deep Clean Chimney Sweep Services or Jonas Chimney Sweep Services, depending upon your preferences, makes sure that the clients remember it easily. 
  2. It is advisable to have a physical set-up to build credibility. But if you are short of resources, simply mention your current address and you are good to go! You will be visiting client premises to clean chimneys; hence, physical space is not a big deal. 
  3. The next thing is to write down your business objectives, values, and promises that you make to the prospective clients. 
  4. Information about owners, their qualifications, and expertise are important aspects to mention in this part. Seeking certifications from the Chimney Safety Institute of America is mandatory, and you ought to mention it in the Executive Summary. 


This is the part where you discuss all the job functions of a chimney sweep business. 

  • A chimney sweep business avoids the dangerous mishaps of fire outbreaks due to unclean and non-functional chimneys. A chimney sweep not only cleans out the debris and dirt of a chimney but also involves a thorough examination of chimneys to avoid all related dangers. 
  • When you visit a place to clean and inspect chimneys, you can also go through the ducts, flues, and fireplaces and ensure that everything is clean and in order. All this cleaning and maintenance work avoids the chances of soot fires and emissions of unwanted gases. 
  • Moreover, your job is also to advise the industrial units and households to prevent fire outbreaks and take care of the chimneys. Even if you will approach them as a professional and do the necessary maintenance work, they have to clean it regularly and maintain it to avoid dangers. 
  • Another service that you can provide is the installation of caps on chimneys to avoid unwanted elements such as raindrops, birds, insects, and even tiny animals entering the household or the industrial unit. 

Organizational Mission – To provide full-fledged chimney cleaning and maintenance services with the utmost care, perfection, and efficiency to all household clients and industrial undertakings. 

Organizational Vision – To become the topmost chimney sweep business in our city and spread these services to other cities in the United States, and build a reputed and reliable brand.

Business Structure 

It is a basic rule of business success; if you want to achieve it, you need to lay a solid business structure. It includes hiring staff, retaining them, and enhancing their skills and abilities to tap clients and earn revenue. But before that, you need to establish a hierarchy ladder in your organization. 

Following are certain job roles and responsibilities for which you need to hire employees: 

  1. CEO/Owner – He is the person because the chimney sweep business has taken shape. You could be the CEO while the business is owned by a team of partners. 
  2. Manager – Technical Services – You will need a manager to oversee all projects. He needs to be experienced in handling different teams and projects. 
  3. Accountant – You will require an accountant or a team of accountants to manage finances and budgets. 
  4. Sales and Marketing Executive – He will be responsible for tapping clients and spread the word about your business amongst the target audience. 
  5. Cleaning Agents – These are the image of your organization. They will perform the actual cleaning work of the chimneys. 
  6. Client Support representative – He will act as an intermediary between clients and you. 

SWOT Assessment 

  1. Strengths – The significant strength is that you know your work well. They are certified, licensed, and experienced to take up a project. Hence, you can boast of your highlights. 
  2. Weaknesses – There is always expensive equipment to buy or invest in a physical place, and lack of funding could be an internal weakness. 
  3. Opportunities – With the increasing number of industries and households (with chimneys), you will be in business for years. Moreover, the places where you can find a greater number of chimneys will always have a surging demand for chimney sweep services. 
  4. Threats – You have limited places to start a business, and an economic crisis situation could be a negative point for your venture. 

Market Analysis 

As we mentioned earlier, the chimney sweep market is not huge but has lucrative opportunities for the existing businesses and newbies coming up. The second thing is about the places where you can have more chimneys. Yeah, more chimneys mean more opportunities. The third aspect is skilled staff to do the manual work. You need certified and trained staff, and random people can’t be on your team. 

Target Audience 

  1. Households – Families, senior citizens, and youngsters, provided they have chimneys in their houses. It could also be villas and weekend homes where chimneys exist. 
  2. Industrial undertakings where huge chimneys are installed to emit gases. 
  3. Corporations where manufacturing takes place on a small scale and have chimneys for the said purposes. 

Sales Predictions 

A revenue goal of around $100,000 in the first year sounds feasible and manageable by a new business undertaking. This sales goal can be doubled up in the subsequent years as you seek stable clients. 

Sales and Marketing Strategy 

  1. Contact households and industrial units with chimneys and introduce your business and all services to them. You can make presentations or create webinars to let them understand your services. 
  2. Advertising business on offline mediums like newspapers, magazines, billboards, fliers, and so on.
  3. Advertising business on online mediums such as Google and Facebook ads, social media, and other internet portals. 
  4. Create a website that is accessible for the clients. It increases credibility, so you need to have one. 
  5. Spread a word of your business amongst your friends and family members. 
  6. Providing discounts whenever possible. 

Expense Predictions 

For a small-scale business catering to household chimney cleaning services, $100,000 is a sufficient amount to start with. But if you plan to target a whole better audience, you will require $200,000 to initiate a sustainable venture. 


Ensure that you check with the current rates of chimney cleaning and maintenance and ask experts while fixing prices. A few discounts will always be better, and loyalty programs for stable customers will be great. Ensure that you earn profits while providing these offers. 

We hope this business plan is profitable and you consider starting this profitable venture soon.