10 Businesses that Serve Elderly

Starting a business is an exciting plan but if you want to care for a certain community or a group of people, you will have to be conscious of the business idea you choose. Probably your primary intention of starting a venture is not profit but service, or it could be an equal combination of both aspects. Please note that you cannot find plenty of businesses targeted towards elderly care in the United States. Hence, if you have an idea, do not let it rust; thrive with it. 

In 2010, 13% of the US population turned into senior citizens, and by 2030, more than 20 percent has been estimated to be over 60. The US Census Bureau has this interesting prediction for you. You can unleash the opportunities prevalent in this business industry by serving the senior citizens and caring for them, reminding them that they are not alone. 

Remember they do not need your sympathy and pity, hence price your services accordingly. So never sound like a charity thing, instead try to establish your venture on the grounds of selfless service, integrity, and trust. 

Following are a few business ideas that you might find interesting to serve senior citizens

1. Regular Care Services 

You can find a lot of elderly people stuck at home with no help available. They do not need to be admitted to foster care; they need regular help to carry out their routines. When the household members step out for work or education, they feel alone and helpless while doing the chores. 

You can start a care service by providing skilled workers to do routine jobs such as washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. You will send a workforce to their place, and they will have company when they do their jobs. Remember that they are not incapable of doing jobs; they just need some assistance. Target your services accordingly. 

2. Open an E-commerce Store (especially for elderly people)

You can find numerous online retail stores and big giants running their regular businesses, but there are hardly any stores for elderly people. Several older adults suffer from ailments and do not have the liberty to hop in a store each time they need something. When your store has a special mention for them, they will feel free to shop from your website. Your web stores need to be friendly for such older adults and should be designed as per their abilities. 

For instance, if they do not know how to make online payments, you can provide a COD facility or a voucher system for them. Then, as you get into the business and evaluate customer requirements, you can tweak your systems gradually. 

3. Home Health Care Agency

Some elderly adults are at the peak of their illness or undergo a specific disability. They need special nursing care by certified professionals. You can provide these nursing services to their home for a charge. Ensure that you employ qualified, experienced and certified staff and know how to take care of a person suffering from a specific illness. 

Senior citizens might need help while taking a bath or using the restroom. Similarly, they will need help to do the bandaging, take medicines, perform exercises, and so on. You can set up a routine for them, and your staff will look whether it is carried out or not. 

4. A Healthy Meal Delivery Service

Senior citizens have a problem with chewing food and need simple meals without any spices or flavors. Some have ailments and need meals as per the doctor’s suggestions. You can start a customized meal delivery service for them. You can ask them to list out their meal requirements, expectations, and timings, and provide them as per their convenience. 

5. Senior Citizen Tourism

Who said senior citizens could not have fun and are bound to sit at home? They can even travel by taking care of all the precautions. Not all senior citizens are bed-ridden or sick; some are really active and have an urge to travel the world. 

If you have tour planning experience and would like to travel with elderly enthusiasts, then this business idea is perfect for you. You will have to take care of the comfort, care, and emergency services during tours and trips. One can even arrange group tours or customized tours for elderly adults. 

6. Professional Mobile Grooming Services

In this socially distanced world, senior citizens will surely face difficulties while visiting a salon. But they cannot afford to stay at home without proper grooming. They will need haircuts, facial and nail care regularly. You will need a vehicle and salon essentials to start this business. 

You can create weekly packages for them to ensure they stick to your services for an extended period. Also, ensure that you have some anti-aging treatments in your services because senior citizens will love those. 

7. Relocation Assistance Service

Even senior citizens have to pack and move from one place to another, and it could be a major hassle for them. You can provide house removal or relocation services to only these clients and help them genuinely. As you will actively be engaged in the relocation, you can charge higher rates. But don’t worry, they will be more than happy to pay you if you provide professional services. Ensure that you have skilled staff to take care of packing and moving stuff. 

8. An Entertainment Center for Elderly People

Yeah, we know. You can find NGOs working for these people to entertain them and help them socialize with like-minded individuals. You can arrange gaming activities, socializing events, and leisurely things to do for them. It won’t be a daily service, but even a weekly one will help them a lot. 

If you do not have a proper place and setup, you can arrange this service at a park where senior citizens gather for a walk or socialization. Adding interesting ideas will help you have clients in the long run. 

9. Installation of GPS and Alarm Technologies

If you have a concrete passion for technology and safety, you can care for elderly adults by manufacturing GPS and alarm systems and installing them at their places. All senior citizens need to be safe, and there is no reliable way to use technology to maintain their safety. Amnesic patients will be well-protected with GPS devices, and you can take this opportunity to provide your expertise. 

This business idea is highly sensitive, and we hope you draft the best business plan to get on track. 

10. Training Senior Adults to use Technology

Senior citizens still face problems while using laptops and smartphones, and they need to be educated with the same. You do not need to teach them coding or digital art. You are required to teach them the basics of computers and internet technologies, and help them do simple tasks such as writing articles or shopping from an online store. 

As the seniors feel empowered with the technology usage, they will be independent while living in the digital world. This is a great idea if you love teaching people simple skills. 

In a nutshell, these business ideas are worth implementing if you really wish to get into the senior care business, earn revenue and be a responsible citizen.