10 Profitable Entertainment Business Ideas You Can Start Today

The global entertainment industry undergoes a massive change every year. It increases significantly, and even if you are the hundredth entertainment business owner in your city, it doesn’t matter. You will always have clients swarming near your shop. This is because people love to entertain themselves. It is similar to one of Maslow’s hierarchy needs. When the basic needs are covered, people turn to entertainment and do not mind splurging on the same. 

But as a conscious business owner, you need to understand that there are several forms of entertainment businesses such as family entertainment, media, parties for youngsters, digital media, wholesome entertainment, and so on. You have to pick up one genre as accommodating several forms in one business won’t be a feasible idea. 

So, if you are a people-person and would love to entertain them, you should try starting any of the following entertainment businesses in the United States. We have specifically picked up those businesses which are always in trend in the country, no matter in which city you venture in.

So, let us begin with top entertainment business ideas:-

1. A party supplier

Parties are of several kinds. Apart from the usual birthday parties, people have engagement and wedding parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, graduation completion, or success party. The reason could be any, and you could be supplying all the party essentials. If you would like to be organized, we suggest choosing a niche as it could be daunting to supply for all the different types of parties. 

Moreover, when you have a niche, you have a definite checklist and can stock up your supplies accordingly. A party supplier can cater to small, medium, and big parties. Remember, networking is the key, and so, always carry a bunch of visiting cards along with you. 

2. A bouncy castle supplier

Now, we are talking related to parties, but this is a specific item. Bouncy castles are fun to be added to the parties and chosen as per the party theme. Bouncy castles are great for kids and adults too. And when you deal only with bouncy castles, you can cater these to all kinds of parties. You can even start it as a part-time thing in the beginning and switch it to a full-time business as you save for your bouncy castles. It requires capital to buy bouncy castles, and you should have staff assigned for the party to take care of it. Handing it to the customers without supervision could result in damage. 

3. A dance studio

Dance is an elegant form of entertainment, and one loves to learn the dance of various types. It could be Zumba for weight loss, salsa, tap dance, or ball dance. If you love dancing and love to share this art with others, you can start a dance studio. It will take a fixed amount of capital to rent or buy a space. Ensure that the space is airy and is sufficient for at least 7-8 persons to dance around. 

Clients love to learn dance where the interiors are good and appealing. So, try some décor techniques in your space. If you don’t know all forms of dance (yes, that is not expected), you can hire dance trainers. You can conduct dance sessions, dance parties, and competitions to attract an audience to your studio. 

4. A party planning service

Let us return to the parties. In the first idea, we discussed supplying the essential items for a party. In the second, we specifically talked about the idea of bouncy castles. Now, we will discuss the lucrative business idea of being a party planner. If you are completely into parties and love conducting and hosting them, you could be the official planner. 

Remember, you won’t be handling a single aspect of the party but organizing the whole party itself. You need to build healthy contacts with others such as the caterers, décor organizers, photographers, party suppliers, and so on. It could be overwhelming for you to handle single-handedly, and hence, it is better if you hire one or two assistants or interns. You can cater to all kinds of parties and events, but if you are more specific, you could be organizing it better. 

5. A recording studio

In other countries, the concept of a recording studio might sound obsolete and non-essential. But in the United States, musicians, singers, and bands still prefer to seek services from a good recording studio. If you are a passionate music lover, a recording studio could be your thing. It will take a limited capital to choose a good, peaceful location and buy the necessary equipment. But it is a one-time investment, and you won’t have to spend further. 

You might have to network with music-related professionals and persons working in a similar field to seek clients. 

6. A video game arcade

In the United States, not only kids are crazy about video games, but adults enjoy them too. If you think about an arcade, people are going to love it. However, you have to be a master of videos and know which ones are popular and will attract the audience to your arcade. Similarly, you have to create a nice ambience for the crowd visiting your arcade. Placing your arcade in a shopping complex or a mall is the best strategy. 

A one-time investment of renting or leasing out a place and buying the video games and machinery will be present. But the returns are really high. 

7. A video editing service

Videos are the most appealing form of entertainment. These days, everyone needs a video service to promote their business or themselves. For instance, you might need a video for a pre-wedding shoot, or a businessman will approach you for a promotional video requirement. When you become a pro in video editing, you can expect projects of all kinds. 

You can start it from the comfort of your home and, later expand your business by hiring staff and renting an office space. You will have to invest in an excellent type of camera and video editing equipment, but it will be worth the investment. 

8. An amusement or a water park

This isn’t a small business idea. We would like to intimate you in advance that this business venture requires considerable capital, effort, and resources. So, if you have partners in your business, sufficient funds, and the ability to borrow money from financial institutions, you can step into this business. 

The returns are huge, and it will always keep you in business. You will also need a strategic business plan assisted by a mentor in the relevant field. 

9. A photography business

Photographers are required for all kinds such as weddings, events, corporate events, lifestyle, and so on. The genres are vast, and a talented photographer never runs out of clients. People think that the number of photographers is increasing and advanced technology has made the job pretty easy. But clients will approach a skilled photographer when they have genuine requirements. 

You will have to invest in the gear and equipment, photo editing software, hire assistants, and set up an online presence. But once you are done, you can be creative enough to grow your venture. 

10. A nightclub

When you are in the United States, you can never miss out on its nightlife. So, a nightclub is another business idea on our list that is certainly profitable. It is exciting to start a nightclub, but you will need substantial capital for the same. 

The venue is an important factor as people won’t be tempted to hop onto a far-away nightclub in the middle of the night. Moreover, you will have to check the norms and rules of the city in which you are starting this business. 

Briefly, it is profitable to invest in an entertainment-based business, but you will need to put consistent efforts into the same and provide the best services to the clients.