Facebook Advertising Tips for Beginners

Facebook advertising is an effective tool to seek leads and generate sales. You can add a video, graphics, and your piece of content to seek maximum attention from the Facebook users. It is advisable to have a decent amount of Facebook ad budget as it can really fetch sales. Facebook ads have always been known as effective. But if you do not have the desired budget, it is still okay to run ads and earn clients. 

You can apply a few wise techniques while running Facebook ads. Following are a few ways that experts advise to seek leads and sales with the help of Facebook ads. 

Divert visitors with a free sample of your product

This is the best and most trusted way to seek leads. You can set up your blog or a landing page containing a link to your product for free. It doesn’t have to be the complete form of the product; it could be just a sample. For instance, if you sell hand-made soaps and lotions, you can release a small bottle of body lotion of around 50 ml to the first 50 clients who sign up. 

The same principle applies to the provision of services. For example, if you teach how to do calligraphy, you can ask them to attend a session of your online course for free. This way, you are warming up the customer, introducing them to your brand (since it is new, it needs a brief introduction), and you are helping them try out your products or services for no cost at all. 

Divert visitors with a low-priced product

We know some businesses cannot afford to release products or services for free. It might lead to nothing but extra marketing costs for the business. Now, it doesn’t mean not attracting the customers and introducing them to your brand. If you think that issuing something free can diminish your brand value, you can offer a part of your product or service at a low price. 

For example, if you manufacture T-shirts, you can offer an amazing discount to the customers. In case of services, you can release a part of your course at affordable rates or the complete course at a massive discount. In this type of marketing, revenue is guaranteed as the customers buy your product or service immediately. Likewise, it becomes evident to retain these customers in the future. 

Create a customer database

When you divert your viewers to a landing page or a blog, you seek their email addresses as well. You can collect them in a spreadsheet or a database, and it becomes crucial for your next marketing tasks. Remember these contact details are vital because these customers are interested in your brand, products, or services. 

These customers might not have bought your product right now, but they can do it in the future. Currently, they are interested to know more about the brand and would like to see whether you have something nice for them such as a free product or a low-priced service. Therefore, it becomes your job and responsibility to consider these customers into the database. 

Follow-up with the customers through emails/reminders

Do you know how your phone app notifies the moment you add something to your shopping cart but do not buy it? It is the magic of notifications. Similarly, when you seek the contact details of prospective customers and record those in your database, you can follow up with them. 

You can announce any exciting discounts, new product launches, reminders about flash sales and other events, or conduct weekly contests to let them buy your products or try out your services. If you keep notifying them about your brand, they will stay in the loop, and someday, for sure, they will buy products from you. 

Target your audience only

You do not have to announce to the whole world that your brand exists. Only a few brands are universal, and it doesn’t infer your brand is covered under this category. So, you have to be specific while targeting the audience. 

When you target all the audience, you incur unnecessary costs in running ads as all people won’t be interested in buying your product. But if you place your ads in front of the target audience only, you can expect they will buy as they need the item intensively. Thus, as you focus on the specific group of customers, you save hundreds of dollars in running the ads. 

Re-target the customers

While running ads on a budget, you can focus on a group of customers. If they show interest, you can show the ad again, and they will be intimidated to try the product or service. In this way, you will be convincing the products to seek interest and buy products or services through Facebook ads and showing them constantly. 

Re-invest the income

Instead of conducting a whole Facebook ad campaign and draining your budget, you can divide the campaign into two slots. For instance, you conduct a small campaign and earn sales out of it. Re-invest the same money into another Facebook campaign, but this time, it could be much diversified and huge. This way, you won’t need separate money from your business savings; you can pool it out easily from the money you earned through the recent sales. 

Apply the 3-step formula

To conduct Facebook ad campaigns on a budget, use the 3-step formula: 

  1. Seek Exposure. 
  2. Seek Leads. 
  3. Seek Sales. 

In this campaign, you will find all the customers interested in your products or services, you can generate leads and earn sales further. 

In conclusion, running Facebook ads with no restricted budget seems to be a fascinating plan, but you can run on a budget if the situation demands. You can earn your first few sales with the brilliant tips mentioned above. So, take your time and do not ignore Facebook ads because of less funds. Do it on a budget!