10 Profitable Small Farm Business Ideas

rooftop garden growing vegetables

The United States is often viewed as a country with skyscrapers, multi-millionaires, IT advancements, and capitalism. But have you heard of the small farm business industry in the US? Yeah, you won’t believe that around 97 percent of the small farms in the country are owned by family businesses. 

Before we jump on the fantastic business ideas to start on a small farm, let us first understand what a small farm really means. A small farm is a piece of agricultural land occupying not more than 180 acres and providing an annual revenue of less than $50,000. The small farm industry is the backbone of the country’s agricultural progress, and it helps you earn considerable revenue even out of minimal efforts. The US government provides substantial grants to small farm owners to carry out their business operations and promote them. 

Small farms don’t look the way they used to be. Technology has revamped the whole scenario and you won’t find hard-working laborers working on the farm but advanced equipment and tools. Even promoting and advertising farm products has become easy due to digital technology. 

If you wish to invest in a small farm business and live a peaceful life, then the following are the promising ideas you will like. Experiment with one of these as per the capital availability and preferences, and you will soon find your small farm flourishing. 

1. A Flower Farm

Are you a minimalist and want to apply the same principles to your farming business? Then, there is nothing as simple as a flower farm. It doesn’t require heavy investment, you also need to buy flower seeds and crops, and you are good to go. 

However, ensure that you have a robust flower maintenance schedule as your flowers will need constant care and attention. Though you won’t have plenty of avenues to sell your flowers, you can collaborate with a few flower shops in your rural area or place. Alternatively, you can contact the event organizers for flowers required for decoration purposes. 

We know the scope is limited, but you can surely invest in this idea for a simple, sustainable business. As it requires low investment and no major effort, you can also do it as a hobby. 

2. Start a Domestic Animal Zoo

Well, there is no such concept as a zoo for domestic animals, but you can be the pioneer. City tourists, especially the children, never get a chance to play with all sorts of animals such as pigs, cows, ducks, hens, and much more. They will love to be close to nature, including animals, when they are at a small farm. 

It can be named a petting zoo but ensure that you have young animals as the older ones might not be comfortable with the petting and playing stuff. A nominal entrance fee is sufficient, and staff supervision is a must as the kids and animals both need to be safe during the interaction period. Your zoo might get popular because of the cuter animals you have; no one knows. 

3. Open a Poultry Farm

Small farms are not limited to agricultural produce; it goes beyond and includes poultry farming too. If you are comfortable and well-versed with the animal care involved in poultry farming, it could be a profitable business idea for you. You will need a space, young hens, their food, and a person or yourself to take care of them. 

As the eggs and meat will be organic, you can sell those to restaurants or travelers visiting rural places. You can even connect with the small brand owners who deal with organic eggs and meat only. 

4. A Micro Dairy Project

As per the study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 80 percent of the milk in the market is supplied by the factory farms, including the small ones. 

If you have cows and a small pasture, you can start a dairy business on a micro-scale. It is easy to run a micro-dairy as you are not required to have a lot of cows and supply to huge businesses. 

You can simply serve the milk requirements of your village or a small business owner, depending upon your preferences. Organic milk is always in demand, and hence, if you can connect to a dairy located in the nearby city, it will be profitable for you. You can even make products such as organic butter, cheese, cottage cheese and sell those. 

5. A Fruit Farm

It is similar to a flower farm; the only difference is that it is of fruits. You will have to choose the fruits that grow in the particular region you live in and the current season. Please note that fruit farming requires more and consistent efforts than a regular flower farm. It takes years to grow fruit trees and have fruits on them. You cannot expect the fruits overnight. Yeah, fruits of hard work! 

But if you have the patience and love growing fruits and know a great deal about it, this business venture is surely for you. 

6. An Herb Farm

Another variant in the small business farming industry is the herb farm. Herbs such as basil, catnip, and lavender are required in every household kitchen of the United States. They are not only convenient to grow but are interesting enough to learn about them, and you can grow them along with vegetables. 

Herb selling is pretty good as people around the country are making themselves aware of the significance of these herbs. You can connect to an herb-selling organic brand and supply the farm produce to the cities. 

7. A Vegetable Farm

Though an herb farm is supplementary to a vegetable farm, we have included them under separate sub-headings for emphasis. If you know the science of growing vegetables, you must have already started growing a few in your garden now. Yeah, expand it to a full-time venture and see how it helps you in making sales. 

Vegetables have unbeatable demand as people are more inclined towards plant-based diets these days. If you stick to organic farming, you can earn a lot as they sell more. Alternatively, you can connect to the big supermarkets and restaurants in the cities to supply vegetables. 

8. Arrange Farm Visits

As we already mentioned, city dwellers are more attracted to farms as they can’t find them in massive cities. You can schedule farm visits at your place. It is okay that you have a small farm; the tourists will be more than happy to have a quick tour within a day. 

If you have the facility and budget, you can even set up a bed and breakfast for the tourists. Have some organic meals from the farm produce, and the tourists will return to you, we promise! Even a camping facility for a night will be a fabulous idea. 

9. Start a Bee Farm

A bee farm requires capital between $500-$1000, which is pretty low. And when you count the revenue, it is remarkable. The bee farm products such as honey, beeswax, or pollen are always in demand in the cities. If you sell the organic versions, your products will be in a boom. 

However, before you invest in this business, learn the science. Also, bee farming is not easy as you or your staff might get attacked by tiny creatures. Hence, ensure that you are equipped with the protective gear and have made suitable arrangements. 

10. Cultivate a Rooftop Garden

Finally, this business idea is for all those who live in the cities and do not have a small farm in actuality. You can still grow herbs, vegetables, plants, flowers in your rooftop garden after learning a few tips about gardening. Experimentation is the key, but once you achieve some level of perfection, you can sell the produce to the customers. 

This business is easy to start, and you can find your friends or relatives to buy the veggies or fruits. You can grow your business gradually. 

Briefly, small farm businesses are of tons of types other than the above 10; choosing one amongst them requires market research and self-analysis. We hope the above 10 are good for you.