Food Truck Menu Ideas to Consider in 2021

a food truck owner planning menu ideas

A food truck business is a lucrative business idea that you can try, but if you want something unique to provide to your customers, then here is the post. You can bring a lot of creativity to the food truck and add value to what you cook and sell. People’s preferences are not limited to popcorn and juices; they look for customizable food options that can satisfy their taste buds and fulfill their health requirements. Food trucks selling French Fries, ice-creams are common, and you do not want to create more competition blindly. 

Instead, you should focus on innovative food ideas that can attract customers to your truck. In this way, you will eliminate competition and earn sufficient revenue. We know you are not coming up with creative ideas, and that’s why we have tried to suggest a few to you. These are the best ones and unique food truck business ideas. It might need a little additional funding, but we are sure you can stand out in the food truck lane and can witness customers flocking to your truck. 

So, let’s begin. 10 profitable menu ideas for your food truck

Barbeque Food Truck

People love barbeque foods but visiting a restaurant for that is a pain. Moreover, the barbeques sold at regular restaurants are expensive and have to be ordered in bulk. You can customize the ordering size for your customers. Even if a single person orders a chicken Barbeque, you cannot refuse him and readily cater to his demand. The BBQ food truck business serves almost 2.5 billion people in the country, and you could be the next kiosk owner. 

It is surprising why business entrepreneurs do not take the initiative in this idea and prefer to sell stereotypical food items like popcorn. Barbeque food trucks are well-appreciated, so go for it. 

Sushi Rolls Food Truck

An aspiring entrepreneur can experiment with this business idea as everyone loves to eat sushi and is never tired of it. Even if sushi is a Japanese food item, people across the United States love it and would like to grab a bite. Sushi is primarily available in Japanese-based restaurants, but when it is easily available in your food truck, people would love it. 

You can add a few more Japanese food items to your menu or install an only sushi truck. It is challenging to say no to freshly prepared sushi. 

Organic Food Truck

People prefer organic foods for all kinds of health reasons. To be true, organic foods have become a trend amongst people and a lifestyle choice for most of them. Organic foods are expensive, but if you install a food truck at the right place, you will find more customers to your products as compared to non-organic food items. If you prefer to start a fruit juice truck or other food truck, you can specify clearly that you use organic items only during the preparation. Organic foods are simple and taste good, so people won’t shy away from them. And when it comes to health, people are ready to spend on expensive items as they care for themselves. 

Cupcake Food Truck

The origin of cupcakes is in the United States, and if you are passionate about baking, you can take this passion forward. This business is thriving, and people with a sweet tooth will always swarm around your food truck. You can add a few beverages and bakery items to the menu. Or you can even bake all kinds of bread at your home and sell them at the truck for additional revenue. 

Ensure that you have cupcakes for everyone, for those who are health-conscious, sugar-conscious, and those who would like to cheat on their diets for a day. 

Frozen Yogurt Food Truck

Another thriving and profitable idea in the food truck industry is frozen yogurt. If it is a sundry region in the United States, you can think of this idea. However, we don’t recommend this food truck business in the cold climate. You can include a variety of flavors and some unique kinds that no one has tried before. Ice-cream food trucks are popular enough, but frozen yogurt is one-of-its-kind and is on its way to popularity. 

Smoothie and Juice Food Truck

Health-conscious customers, fitness freaks, and people on a diet will love your truck if you have sugar-free, healthy smoothies and juices in your food truck. You can even start an only-smoothie food truck, to be specific. You can have add-ins such as protein powders, wheatgrass powders, aloe vera juice, soy milk, almond milk in the smoothies and make it ultra-nutritious. Mostly, a business owner does not think of smoothies as they are occupied with the typical juices. So, we recommend this business to be different from others. 

Salad and Sprouts Food Truck

Not everyone likes to have a bite; some want to have a wholesome meal while on the go. You can have rice and salad options on your menu. Ensure that your rice is loaded with veggies or meat and looks mouth-watering enough. You can have sprouts on the menu too to avoid monotonous meals for the customers. 

Americans have become conscious of what they eat, and hamburgers and sandwiches are not always on their minds. Also, if you have Asians in your neighborhood, they will love to have a rice and salad meal. 

A Cafe Truck

A café is a great place to unwind and have a chatty conversation with a dear one. But if people are tight on time and money, they will prefer to have it at the truck. Coffees are available in endless varieties, and you can have them with cream, vanilla, or chocolate syrup and other add-ons. So, if you want to be in the business, a coffee truck or a café truck will be your choice. But ensure that there is no similar café truck in the same lane to avoid competition. You can have vegan options and decaf alternatives too. 

Shawarma Food Truck

This Middle Eastern food delicacy is always appreciated by people all over the country. You can have Shawarma on the menu along with a few beverages like iced tea. It contains meat and veggies, depending upon the preference of the customers. This fast-food item will never go out of the trend, but if you want to add frankies and rolls to your menu, you have a wide choice. 

Milk and Dairy Food Truck

Lactose-intolerants might not like this business idea, but for all milk lovers and consumers, this food business idea is on the top. You can serve milk (with flavored milk options, too), cheese, butter, and other dairy products. Remember that this truck might also include ice-cream options, but it won’t be a solely ice-cream-selling truck. You can come up with creative ideas to prepare flavored milk and cheese. If you want to impress vegans and lactose-intolerants, develop relevant non-dairy options. You might struggle to establish your presence since dairy food trucks are widely spotted. Hence, we suggest you incorporate creativity in your menu and not keep it rigid. 

With the above 10 profitable business ideas, you can start a food truck and build your brand in a properly selected lane. Just ensure you are creative in the food you provide and maintain consistency in the quality.