Privacy Policy

The privacy notice applies to any California mobile application, website or any other digital services and is linked to the FinBusinessLabs privacy policy. It describes the privacy practices and policies followed or to be followed by FinBusinessLabs and its third-party companies and those that support, advertise and provide content for the company or assist the company in any way.

Information we collect

When you log onto our website there is some information we collect automatically and in the form of cookies or other sources with the help of our third-parties. This information includes your frequency of visit, the technical information, browser information, information on the kinds of devices used to visit, the OS of the device and the information about the encounter of bugs or other technical issues faced. The cookies can collect identifiable information about your browser and device. These tools can collect your information while you are surfing through our website or while the third-party programs are running in the background.

Information that you provide to us willingly include your name, address, contact information that is collected by various means from our platform.

The third set of information includes any information related to your contacts. You give us some information on a friend or someone you know who might be interested in a certain section of our website and the like. This can be collected if you refer to the service or program to someone in your contacts.

How we collect your information

We follow two basic processes to collect information from you. One is from you directly where we ask you for information related to your name, contact details and preferences. The second method of obtaining your information is through third-party services. In this process when the third-party programs run in the background it is capable of collecting certain information about you and your usage trends, device and operating system information IP addresses and more directly. Operators of our third-party sites and data aggregators collate the data provided by you from various sources. We also gather your purchase information and user trends from social media platforms associated with your contact information.

How we use the information collected

Our main purpose in collecting information about you is to provide curated content for you. We use this information to provide you with relevant information, for communicating with you, for marketing and advertising purposes and most importantly to protect your rights and the rights of all others at all times. We make use of the best security parameters to protect your privacy by all means possible and protect the information provided by you from all violations of law and acts of infringement. We perform regular audits to assess, test and troubleshoot the program.

How we share the information collected

We share the information with only the relevant people and along with proper privacy protocols. We share the information with our affiliates and subsidiaries to allow you proper usage of the different digital services available from them and to be able to curate the digitally available information for you. We also share the information with our service providers that handle the transactions, payments and all data available with us. They help to provide appropriate services with the usage of this information.

Our associated advertising agencies also receive information that helps them to curate the advertisements and only show the relevant ones to you. To our content measurement partners, allowing them to measure the impact of the content available with us so that we can improve ourselves continuously. Our business partners also get hold of your information that helps us make better partnerships to provide you with the best digital information and services always. We also share the information with social media platforms to some extent.

However, you have the complete discretion of reviewing such information as we will not be responsible for any information used or the privacy policy of these social media platforms. Other parties when required by the law. We may use the information as appropriate to protect and defend our legal right as and when necessary by the law. All this information and the way we use them will be the sole discretion of you as an individual and we will abide by your consent and request at all times.

How can you opt-out of ads and marketing attempts

There are scenarios where you might choose to opt-out of ads and marketing attempts. We allow you to do so with complete discretion. If you wish you can completely opt-out of the direct mailers, text messages for marketing, marketing attempts by third parties, email marketing, co-branded and cross-promotional attempts of marketing. You can opt-out of the interest-based marketing attempts as well. All this and the mobile app opt-outs can be done from the privacy settings of your device directly. You can click on the ‘unsubscribe button that follows a mailer to opt-out of mails directly. The ever-evolving mobile application and device security setting will allow you to opt-out of marketing attempts with ease and convenience.

If you have a user account created you can choose to share and not share certain personal information with the website. And from the list of information you intend to share with the website, you can categorize it as per the extent and the kind of way you wish to share it in too. All these are largely dependent on the kinds of devices being used and the device settings available to you. You can also opt-out of push-notifications by adjusting your device settings.

Additional information

As California residents, you are eligible to request a list of third-parties of FinBusinessLabs who receive personal information about the users from their website with the usage of the digital platforms. To receive any such information on the list of third-parties you can contact the Office of General Counsel. California Privacy Rights tend to protect the privacy of all residents as well as non-residents of California when in the state. This is a special security measure to protect the rights of the public by the government of California. The company does not track browser signals as such protocols are not yet developed by the creators of devices.

California Privacy Policy

As California Residents, you are eligible for certain privacy rights as per the CCPA Notice (California Consumer Privacy Act). Abiding by the rules we are eligible to collect the following personal information of the user at all times without facing any legal consequences. Information we can collect from the user include personal records and identifies such as names, IP addresses, contact information, Commercial information such as account number, Internet usage information such as browsing history, frequency of visit, interactions with the blogs and services etc.

Apart from this information about inferences such as the preferences, special inclination to certain services, etc. and few others. If you wish to know the details of the California Privacy Act followed by us you can directly mail us on our official mail ID with the subject line as Your California Privacy Rights and we will provide you with detailed information on the same. You need to address your mail to the Office of General Counsel for the details. Please be very specific in the subject line as to what kind of information you are exactly looking for.

How do we protect the information collected from you?

We use a wide range of services, third-party applications and tools to collect and safeguard all the information provided by you. Our rigorous checks and protocols ensure that all information provided by you and the information collected by us from different sources are absolutely safe. We keep a check on any kinds of unauthorized access and review our systems and protection mechanisms from time to time for their accuracy.

But we would also want you to understand that as no electronic mode of collection or transmission is 100% secure, you must be very careful in what kind of information you are letting us to. We request you to use proper security settings to protect your information from your end while we protect it by all means possible from our end. However, in doing so we do not ensure a 100% guarantee of security.

Children’s Privacy Rights

These digital services are not intended for use by children. Children under the age of 13 are especially restricted to use the information available on this website by any means possible. We do not voluntarily collect any information, personal or professional from children below the age of 13. However, if such information is provided to us in any way without our knowing, we will not be responsible for using it as per our processes and general security protocols and sharing parameters followed by the website. 

Non-US Visitors

The California Privacy Policy applies to users around the area and in the U.S. We operate as a service in the United States of America. Any information that is provided by you or about you in any capacity will be stored and saved in the United States and Other Countries. We will not be answerable for any such information available to us from any third-party working in the U.S. which gets access to your personal information. However, we will protect the information with the same security measures as we take for U.S residents at all times. 

Links to mobile apps, third-party websites and other services

The digital services and web pages may contain links and cookies to other third-party websites. FinBusinessLabs will not be responsible for the privacy policy of the third-party website to which the link directs. These are mere affiliates of the company and we suggest that before moving ahead to provide you with personal information to such sites you review their terms of use and privacy policy in detail to not have any issues or problems with the information collected in the future. Refer to the notices and changes in such policy from time to time before deciding to rely on them. FinBusinessLabs will not be responsible for the distribution or storage of any information from any such affiliate or third-party sites.

Careers and Job Opportunities

Web pages hostings, career notices or job postings on the website does not apply the privacy notices. However, the terms of use and the copyright laws are still applicable for such postings. Any kinds of information obtained from such pages are governed by privacy notices and will follow the same rules as the rest of the information available for storage from third-party sites and provided by the user directly. Review the privacy policies from time to time to stay connected to such changes in the policies and usages of the websites and their content.

Terms of Use and Dispute Resolution

The terms of usage have been stated on the terms of use page and the dispute resolution follows the protocol as per that stated in the terms of use. We believe that most of the disputes can be resolved without arbitration and we request you contact us before you take any legal actions. In case of disputes related to the content and the information available on the website provided by the user, if there are a violation of any legal protocols and laws or rights, the company will have the sole discretion in deletion or modification of such content or revoke the access of the user without any notice if required. We suggest that you read the terms of use before you agree to them so that we are clear on the expectations and requirements from both sides

Changes to the privacy notice and how we notify you about it

The company will have the sole discretion of making any changes and alteration in the privacy notices and policies. There will be changes made from time to time in the privacy notices to stay updated with the legal requirements of the state. In most cases, such changes in the policies will come without prior notice and hence we suggest that you read and update yourself with the latest privacy policies from time to time. We update the already available privacy notice as and when required and at the top of the privacy policy page we indicate when and what has been updated most recently. You must always stay updated with the latest privacy policy and use the website as per the current version of the policy to be able to stay away from all kinds of consequences that follow in case of improper usage of information from the website.

Contact Us

If you have any issues or require any information regarding the privacy policy of the company or have any feedback related to the latest version of it, you can directly contact us at our official mail ID. If you have any complaint or issues you can reach out to us too via mail and you can state your issue clearly in the subject line as it makes it easy for us to access and categorize your complaint to be able to work on it within the turn around timelines. In case of any suggestion on improvement of the content please reach out to us as will be glad to hear from you.

Additional Information for European Visitors

If you are a resident of the European Economic Area and need to know about your rights under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), please drop us a mail with the subject line as “GDPR privacy rights request”. We will be more than glad to provide you with all the relevant information in real-time.

Who is responsible for your personal information?

We make use of your information in different ways. We use them to fulfil our contractual obligations to you, for our legal interests, to abide by our legal obligations and all this we process only with your consent. 

Your Rights over the information you provide

In a certain situation, you will have limited access to the content provided to you. However, in case of the personal information you allow us to use as a business entity is at your discretion. You can allow or refuse to provide us with certain personal information as it may deem fit for your interests. We store your personal information only as long as you have an official relationship with us. Post which we omit all such information about you from our database as a privacy measure or process.