Starting a Pest Control Company – Business Plan

If members of a specific family fall sick most of the time, the pests invading the house could be a primary reason. Unfortunately, households and commercial enterprises often ignore the pests and insects in their premises and fall prey to several ailments. They think that it could be their poor immunity or the potent viruses and pollutants, but they do not notice that the real enemies live freely in their offices and homes. If you are a business entrepreneur, imagine a client visiting your home and spotting a roach on the sofa. Will he be willing to enter into a contract with you? 

So, we are assured that pest control businesses have a surging demand in the market and that opening a new one will seek sufficient returns. However, this doesn’t mean you can simply buy a pest-killing machine and start a business instantly. You will have to plan out, consider the demographics and current demand, and evaluate the existing market conditions to fix prices and make sales forecasts. 

Hence, this is the time to get your planning done for a prospective pest control business. Following is the business plan template that you can use freely. 

Industry Overview 

Before you jump into the actual business plan, here is a quick overview of the pest control industry. The pest control industry takes care of the extrication of pests, insects, flies, ticks, spiders, rodents, roaches, and others. Not only this but they also deal with the bothering issue of bed bugs. They also provide fumigation and containment services for birds. Some pest control companies have a definite structure, and they extend their services to a broad spectrum and include garden maintenance services, landscaping, and building maintenance services. As a result, your clients can avail services from a common roof and don’t have to wander for different companies. 

In the US, there are approximately more than 24000 pest control companies and contribute to annual revenue of $16 billion with a growth rate of approximately 4.9 percent. If you know how to target your audience and seek appropriate contracts, you can always be in business and thrive in the pest control industry without many difficulties. 

Executive Summary 

  1. Corporation name – It should be easy to recollect for the clients. If it is denoting what the business does in short, it will be great. Or you can even use your first or last name. 
  2. Registration formalities – The business needs to be registered as per the regulations. It should hold a valid license to conduct the business and must be bonded and insured. 
  3. Location – Though a physical set-up is not necessary, you will need a place to store all the equipment and pest control solutions. Pick up a space that is easily accessible and near to the neighborhood where you will be serving. 
  4. List of services to be provided. 
  5. Unique selling points of the business. 
  6. Owners – names, addresses, occupations, experience, and expertise. How did they come up with the idea of a pest control business? 

Remember that when you submit a business plan to the investors or the financial institutions for funding purposes, you will need to elaborate on the Executive Summary component. 


Below is the range of pest control services to be provided to the households and commercial undertakings: 

  1. Extermination, fumigation, pest control services. 
  2. Rodent removal services. 
  3. Termite control services. 
  4. Lawn care, garden care, landscaping services. 
  5. Building maintenance services. 
  6. Bird proofing services. 
  7. Mosquito eradication services. 
  8. Consultancy of pest control services. 

Company’s vision 

To become the Number One pest control corporation in a specific city of the United States and build an active presence in few more cities and create a network. 

Company’s mission 

To build a profitable venture of pest control company to provide relevant services consistently and in a highly effective manner and create a standard for other businesses in the country. 

Business Structure 

For any business success, it is vital to lay down a solid business formation. Workforce, definite business standards, and other aspects help in building a solid foundation. Following are the job positions that will be required to be filled: 

  1. Owner/Manager/Managing Director – He is the one who oversees each aspect of business operation and makes important decisions for the organization. 
  2. Accountant – A company’s accounting functions are handled by an accountant. 
  3. Marketing Executive – Identifying the target audience, promoting services, and tapping clients are a few functions of the marketing executive. He is supposed to develop creative ideas on how to sell services to clients. 
  4. Field Executives – These are the people who will manually do the pest control work. They need to be trained with the equipment and procedures and should be well-behaved and skilled. 
  5. Client Service Representative – A team of customer support representatives is required to deal with prospective and existing clients. They need to be humble and friendly. 

SWOT Analysis 

It might sound tedious to do a SWOT analysis of pest control service. But if you do it right during the planning stages, you can be aware of several opportunities and challenges arising in the future. As you estimate them in advance, you can well-prepare for the same. 

  • Strengths – A wide range of services is provided under one roof, and this serves as an easy-to-access service for the clients. Since the location is accessible, clients do not have to wander for the right service as they can find it at your place. Advanced equipment is another strength you can boast of. The workforce is warm and friendly, and clients do not face any challenges while dealing with them.
  • Weaknesses – It will take time to seek the trust of clients and have them signed up for the packages. Also, financial assistance to buy equipment and advertise services is a huge concern. 
  • Opportunities – Since there is no well-established and well-equipped pest control business in the vicinity, your business can enjoy a little bit of monopoly and seek clients. 
  • Threats – Any new business coming up in the area is a massive threat to the business. Moreover, any change in government policies can also be detrimental to the venture. 

Market Analysis 

It is estimated that the demand for pest control services will rise significantly in the next five years as the number of households is also on the rise these days. Moreover, as the disposable income of the households increases, they call for better living conditions, including pest control services. 

If you provide additional services to the clients, such as building maintenance, lawn and garden care services, or supplying pest control accessories, your chances of growth are higher. 

Target Audience 

  1. Households, including families and people living alone in the city apartments. 
  2. Commercial, public sector, and government undertakings that strive to create a good impression on their clients with clean and hygienic office premises. 
  3. Garden, yard, playgrounds, and parks. 
  4. Facility owners. 
  5. Community spaces. 
  6. Corporations. 

Anyone will advise you that it is easy to set up a pest control service. The only thing you need to be concerned about is seeking a license and permits to start a venture. Since a lot of chemicals are used in business operations at client places, it is critical to seek related licenses and permits to carry out the business.

Your business venture should not be restricted to pest control but should consist of other useful services. It is better if you provide packages at discounted rates instead of giving them one-by-one. Apart from the location and equipment, it is essential to offer competitive pay packages to the existing employees and retain the best ones in the business. They are the true image of your company, and hence they deserve to be treated well. 

Advertising, sales, and marketing strategy 

Offline, as well as offline advertising mediums, need to be harnessed to seek business growth revenue on a consistent basis. That’s why even if it sounds mediocre, but you are required to set up a website and be regularly active on social media to promote your business. You need to be a member of the requisite associations, participate in relevant events and be in touch with others. You never know you can tap a good, reliable client. 

Similarly, you are supposed to place billboards, distribute fliers and brochures so that people are acquainted with your business and services. You should also place ads on online portals such as Google. 

Another way to retain and gain clients is to offer discounted packages. Instead of doing it a one-time service, ensure that clients approach you regularly. Hence, getting them signed up for deals and long-term packages ensures that they are your clients in the long run. Moreover, clients can get attractive discounts and break-free services to remove unwanted pests. 

Sales Forecast 

We suggest you keep a minimum expected sales value of $100,000 for the first year, which can be doubled up in the following year. 


No need to set higher prices as you want clients to approach you, even if a new pest control company comes up in your area. So, competitive pricing is the key with suitable discounts and offer prices. 

Expense Predictions 

This is a broad area where you need to brainstorm all the expenses and evaluate the possible costs. You will need around $150,000 to start up a business with an office facility. If you would like to make it a work-from-home business or hire a small place to keep all the tools and equipment, then even $80,000-$100,000 are sufficient to start a venture. We have included salaries of the first month to be paid to the staff in these amounts. 

Seeking financial assistance is a pain, but reliable financial institutions are the best sources. Alternatively, you can borrow from your friends or loved ones if they are willing to help you. 

This business plan template can be customized as per your preferences.