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By using this website or posting any content in FinBusinessLab you agree that you (the Contributors) are solely responsible for posting any content and will always abide by the terms of use mentioned below. Failing which you will not have the right to use the website or have any authoritative access to the content developed by the company.

Proprietary Rights: Intellectual Property Rights

All proprietary rights of the website are owned by FinBusinessLab and the company alone. No third party claims are welcome in terms of the company content. All content is operated by the company, including all materials or parts of materials supplied by the company, its partners or from other third-party sources. We have the content protected by all copyright laws and intellectual property rights.

While accepting the terms of use you also accept that the websites have been developed, prepared, revised and compiled by FinBusinessLab with proper investment of time, money and effort and published after proper judgment and are an important aspect of Intellectual Property of FinBusinessLab. 

You will, at all times protect the Intellectual Property of FinBusinessLab as laid out in these terms and comply with all policies and written requests laid out by FinBusinessLab for protecting their statutory and common rights over the website.

In case of any unauthorised access and infringement of copyright laws set by the company, you will bring it to the notice of FinBusinessLab immediately. All the current and future proprietary rights as per the government and all registrations related to the website will be the sole property of FinBusinessLab and their exclusive property always.

You are enabled by the website to submit, upload or post video clips, content, photographs, public messages, comments and reviews with limited access only. 

You will not be eligible to use FinBusinessLab’s trademark, copyrights, service marks, logos and trade names with the written consent of FinBusinessLab and acknowledge that you have no ownership of the items.

All items that are posted publicly or privately shall have to pass by the Privacy Policies and the originator of the content will be solely responsible for the content posted

Cookie Policy

When you visit FinBusinessLab we will collect certain information about your visit with the help of various tools such as cookies along with our third-parties. This collected information will include your IP address, OS information, Browser information, device information, clickstream data, and unique device identifiers. We will keep this information along with the information collected by our third-parties and the information that you provide to us voluntarily and use them to our discretion as and when necessary.

You shall have all rights to post such content without violating any third-party rights. 

If there are third-party links provided on the website in any form, it might contain its privacy policy so we suggest that you review their privacy policy too before making any comments or having any views on the website. Not following the privacy policy and the terms of use of such connecting websites might lead to severe consequences. We as a company will not be liable or responsible for any actions taken by such third-parties for contents posted as we do not have the access to such website content of third parties and not responsible for their privacy policies.

You agree that your user name can be associated with the content uploaded by you on the website.

You accept the ownership of any user content posted by you on the website.

You agree to defend FinBusinessLab against all claims, proceedings, damages and actions arising from the user content posted by you. 

We, the company reserve the sole rights you assume the control and defence of such disputes.

You accept that FinBusinessLab and their assigns in their authority can pre-screen all user content for any copyright violations before they are let out for the public.

Any user content violating the terms of use can be omitted from the website by the company.

You are solely responsible for the completeness, accuracy and usefulness of the user content. 

The website grants you access to interact with third-party services and that you agree with all third-party terms and policies.

All information provided to us by email or any other medium as feedback, data, comments, suggestions, plans and ideas shall be treated as non-confidential and we hold no obligation to protect such information publicly.

Such information can be used by FinBusinessLab for any purpose and we are free to reproduce, disclose, use and distribute such information without hindrance.

The company grants limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable access to you to use the website for your personal use.

Using the website for any illegal purpose is strictly prohibited and can be punishable under the law.

Ethics Policy

The contributors are compensated in part based on the amount of content developed and posted by them and the page views. FinBusinessLab requires contributors to maintain ethical standards and legal requirements at all times including the disclosure requirements of the Federal Trade Commission.

The contributors are solely responsible for compliance with the standards. They are eligible to provide practical and trustworthy information and the writers are responsible for their content and its authenticity, accuracy and legality. The usage of the site in any manner is subjected to the terms of use at all instances and the contributor is answerable to the company in the instance of any unlawful activity of sorts.

You will refrain from

Posting abusive or harassing content that threatens any other individual or any obscene content.

Post user content that looks down upon any other based on their race, color, creed, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual preference, religion, disability or any other classification.

Use the website for commercial purpose or compile any information for a service or a product.

Post any content that is unlawful, defamatory and invasive to the privacy of others.

Copy information from the website other than with cache for personal use or as permitted by the terms to modify, publish, distribute, display, post, broadcast, reproduce obtained through services.

Scrape, monitor, index, access, frame the content of any information using automation with the use of robots, scraper or any other method apart from manual access of information available publicly. 

Post illegal materials or discuss illegal content intending to commit them as determined by FinBusinessLab as their sole discretion.

Post, trade secrets or other confidential information and rights reserved by the company for public use.

Post or make available party’s intellectual property unless you have the right to do so with the company’s permission to remove the trademarks, copyrights and proprietary notices on the website. 

Post spam or advertise, promote or engage in any commercial activities through or on the website.

Post materials that provide illegal content, or violate the restrictions of the website in any way.

The company has the absolute discretion of removing any user content and block any user if they find the individual or group of individual to be involved in illegal activities.

Your business dealings and warranties associated with advertisers through the website are solely between you and the advertiser.

We have the sole discretion of termination of your account for whatever be the reason. However, we will fulfil our responsibilities and obligations related to order outstanding at the time of termination. 

Most of the disputes can be resolved without resorting to arbitration and you agree that you will contact us through a proper medium before taking any formal action.

You can choose to

Unsubscribe from our company mailer. Post unsubscribing you will not receive any promotional offers and emails from us.

You can block certain cookies from the configurations of your browser in use. However, this may in turn affect some of the features and content site that uses cookies to enhance the functionality.

We along with our third-parties may use information related to your browsers and personal information provided by you to curate the ads available to you. However, you can opt-out of such a personalized ad, interest-based ad by clicking on the relevant options. You would still be receiving ads but this would not be curated to your interests anymore. 

We will store information in other locations apart from using cookies. You can disable such storage if you wish to from your web-browser setting at any point.

How do we protect personal information?

We have proper technical and administrative protocols to protect and safeguard all information related to the personal data of our users. You can contact us directly in terms of any data security issues or any information on any data breach that comes to your notice.

How do we contact you?

We update our terms of use and privacy policy from time to time and you would be notified about such changes directly on our ‘Privacy Policy and ‘Terms of use’ page. We do not provide any information vide personal channels. We utilize our website homepage to notify you about any significant changes in our policies and terms if any. We suggest that you go through our page and review them periodically to be able to understand the changes offered by us. 

How to contact us?

If you have any queries or issues you can contact us directly on our mail ID info[at]finbusinesslab.com. You can also leave your comments, suggestions and feedback for us on the content of our website. We will use such information for the improvement of our company, policies, content and all other relevant aspects of FinBusinessLabs. 

If you need any information about California Privacy Policy you can mention ‘California Privacy Rights’ in the subject line of your mail or at the beginning of your comment. We will be more than glad to provide you with relevant information.

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