10 Automatic Vending Machine Business Ideas You Can Start

A vending machine is an attractive piece that appeals to everyone, including adults and kids. When it is placed at a proper location and is filled with wonderful stuff, everyone will try to grab a thing of the same. Starting an automatic vending machine business is a brilliant idea, and it can help you earn a steady income without the need to operate the machine or hire skilled staff. 

Simply placing the machine at a prime location can let you earn sufficient returns. You can fill and refill it with regular items like ice cream and candies, or you can think out of the box and include healthy food items, kids’ toys, or other items in it. You don’t need any skilled staff to operate the machine, nor are you required to stand beside the same. The customers know very well how to operate the machine and can buy stuff. 

The only thing you have to take care of is that vending machines need to be placed where there is an interesting crowd and who have the urge and ability to buy the necessary products. Moreover, you have to keep a regular tab of the technicalities of the machine and ensure that there is no discrepancy. 

Let’s begin with the best automatic vending machine business ideas:

1. Groceries vending machine

It will be a hassle to include all the grocery stuff in a machine, but you can surely have the staples included. Groceries vending machines are popular across the world, including in the United States. It will not require much capital to start this business and is easy to start. Ensure that you have a proper place where customers can spot the machine and have the need to restock groceries. If you place it near a grocery store, it won’t attract sales. 

There should be good human traffic, and they should not have other grocery stores apart from yours. 

2. Fruits and vegetables vending machine

Visiting a supermarket to buy one or two fruits is a big hassle. Waiting in queues to bill the stuff you buy is troublesome. Instead, people will prefer to get it through the vending machine. They can easily pick up fruits or vegetables or both on their way home without the need to visit a store. 

You can try to be more systematic by adding a few exotic varieties, or organic fruits and vegetables to your machine. Customers will remember your machine as, “Hey, it is the one that has organic fruits. Let’s buy.”

3. Chocolate bar vending machine

Now, let us come to the type of machine that dispenses chocolates which are not very essential but customers will still love having it. It is a less-capital intensive idea, and you can have a variety of chocolates in your machine. Skip the regular ones; imagine if you sell Swiss chocolates at your machine. Customers will love buying them. 

You can choose a location such as a mall or outside a shopping complex where people look out for such delicious treats. 

4. Stationery vending machine

You can never predict when a person will need a pen, pencil, or eraser. Students of all grades and even college students need constant access to stationery, and it is a challenge to visit the supermarket for a simple pen. Setting up a vending machine in such areas where students are in numbers is a good idea. You can place it near an educational institution, college, school, or office environment. 

You can add all kinds of stationery items to your machine and cater to the stationery requirements of all people. We know they will thank you for being at the right moment and the right place. 

5. Books and magazine vending machine

An individual might need the incredible company of a book or a magazine during a train or plane journey. Why not be there to supply them with books they want to read? In the United States, you can find book vending machines at airports and in libraries too. So, tap this business opportunity that requires less capital and is a lovable thing to do. 

If you have a passion for books, you can choose books and incorporate several themes into your machines. 

6. Snacks vending machine

Cravings are good and bad both, and why not be the one to fulfill these cravings with healthy foods? You can start a vending machine business with healthy and nutritious snack options. You can even bake sugar-less cookies or multigrain sandwiches and supply them to the customers through the vending machine. Alternatively, you can also arrange for packaged snacks and other products as people will never stop munching on chips and fries. 

A snacks machine will always have customers lined up and so, ensure that you thrive in the business and grow it more. 

7. Toys vending machine

Kids love snacks, chocolates, cookies, candies, and yes, toys! If you like children and have creative ways to entertain them, then a toy vending machine is an exciting idea. Ensure that you place it at the right places, such as near school playgrounds, parks, malls where children can spot this machine easily. 

Toys do not always consume time; they also entertain and educate children. So, try to add a few yet properly chosen toys to your collection. 

8. Beauty products vending machine

Women love beauty products, and men too take care of their skin and hair. You can observe that the beauty industry is expanding and is already a million-dollar industry. You can have a range of items such as skin care products, make-up, cleansers, toners, body washes from all brands found in the United States. If you are not a huge fan of cosmetics, you can start with an organic beauty product range available exclusively at your vending machine. 

You can also have a separate section for baby care products or men’s care so that no one feels left out. 

9. Flower vending machine

Let you be the reason for a smile on a person’s face. People love to have flowers at their homes or to gift to someone special. A flower vending machine will be of help if it has fresh or artificial flowers of different types. 

You can try a flower vending machine if you want to skip the regular food-related ideas and try something different. 

10. Bread or baked food vending machine

Bread is a staple for most Americans. They love it fresh and in varieties. Some are health-conscious and prefer multigrain bread, while some are gluten-intolerant and prefer gluten-free bread. You could be the bread supplier for the people in the United States. You can bake it at your place or get it fresh from reputed bakeries. But in this business, you have to check whether fresh and lip-smacking bread and bakery items are available in your vending machine, or it could be a disappointment for the customers. 

Bread and bakery foods do not have a long shelf life, so you have to check the machine and restore it with nice ones. 

Briefly, these 10 automatic vending machine ideas are interesting enough, profitable, and will help you to start a business in minimal capital, no worries! 


1. What is an automatic vending machine?

An automatic vending machine is a machine that dispenses products when a customer inserts a specified amount of money.

2. What kind of products are typically sold in an automatic vending machine?

Popular items that are typically sold in an automatic vending machine include snacks, drinks, cigarettes, newspapers, toys, and other items.

3. What are the benefits of having an automatic vending machine business?

An automatic vending machine business can provide a steady stream of income without the need to be open at all hours. Additionally, owning an automatic vending machine business requires minimal overhead costs, as there are no labor costs associated with running the business.

4. What kind of vending machines are best for an automated vending machine business?

The type of vending machines you choose will depend on your individual business ideas and needs. Generally, you should look for machines that are easy to operate and maintain, have a built-in coin counter and charger, and provide a variety of payment options (cash, credit/debit cards, etc.).

5. How do I choose a good location for my automatic vending machine business?

When selecting a location for your automatic vending machine business, you should consider factors such as foot traffic, local laws and regulations, availability of power supply, and access to restocking supplies.

6. What type of permits or licensing do I require to operate an automatic vending machine business?

Depending on the location, you may need to obtain a permit to operate an automated vending machine business. Additionally, you may need to have a business license, health permit (if selling food/drinks), or liquor license (if selling alcohol).

7. How do I ensure my automatic vending machine business runs smoothly?

Ensure that you regularly clean and maintain the machines, check the machines regularly for any problems or defects, restock them regularly with the necessary items, and monitor them for cash box burglaries or other security risks.

8. What kinds of marketing strategies should I use for my automatic vending machine business?

An effective marketing strategy for an automatic vending machine business includes using digital marketing tactics such as creating a website and using social media platforms. Additionally, utilizing an in-person marketing strategy such as flyers and discounts to attract customers is also beneficial.

9. How much profit can I make with an automatic vending machine business?

The potential profit of an automatic vending machine business depends on the cost of the products and services, the success of the marketing strategies, and the location of the machines. Generally, a machine typically earns $10 to $15 per day.

10. What are the risks associated with an automatic vending machine business?

Some risks associated with an automated vending machine business include theft, vandalism, malfunctioning machines, and market saturation. Additionally, you should be aware of local laws and regulations that may impact the operation of your business.