A Guide to WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business

a business is using WhatsApp for marketing

With more than 2 billion current users and counting, WhatsApp is not used often by marketers in the spectrum of digital marketing. We, including the novice business entrepreneurs, tend to use WhatsApp only for chatting purposes. Truth be told, we fail to understand the powers of WhatsApp in marketing our products and services. Hence, apart from daily interactions, we need to know more about WhatsApp in this post. We are sure you will take away a few insights about this dynamic platform and help your business grow in the business world. 

Following are the features of this app that can help you in marketing and other services: 

One-to-one daily interactions: 

A common use of the WhatsApp platform, anyone with a phone number can use WhatsApp. You do not need any unique platform to run this app. No need to pay for SMS. Internet connectivity and WhatsApp can help you text a specific customer, share product descriptions and images, and even send product demonstrations. 


If you have a list of phone numbers, you can send messages to 256 people at a time. Isn’t that interesting? Though people do not use it, marketers can surely harness this business feature. 

WhatsApp Groups:

Another excellent feature of WhatsApp, it helps you create groups of customers (the way people use it to create groups of friends, family members, and corporate teams). You can send product details and engage in conversations with your prospective customers easily. Instead of sharing product information individually, this feature helps you to connect to customers at one time. 

Using WhatsApp for Business 

The above explanation might sound generic. Hence, we have listed out a few concrete ways of using WhatsApp for business marketing and promotion. The Neilson Facebook Messaging Survey has estimated 67 percent of WhatsApp users to use this chat facility for business communication in the next two years. 53 percent of the users even stated that they would like to purchase products and services through WhatsApp, which is relatively easier than contacting them through telephone or email. 

1. You can make free international calls and connect with your customers worldwide

We know you have all kinds of video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Skype, but if you want to make a simple phone call, you can do it easily through WhatsApp. In addition, small collaborative groups can take advantage of this facility. 

2. Your existing and new customers are already on the WhatsApp platform 

The chances of your new customers on WhatsApp are huge. For instance, you wish to start a cleaning business and would like to connect with your prospective clients, the acquaintances living in your area. You can share your new business details with the contacts you have via WhatsApp. In this way, word-of-mouth publicity has become possible much more easily through WhatsApp. Instead of knocking on each person’s door in your neighborhood, you can now send the details through this platform. 

3. There are higher chances of engagement on WhatsApp

If you ask a person which platform he actively uses, he will surely answer WhatsApp and not Facebook or Instagram. The other two are leisurely platforms and are accessed during free time unless the person is not a business entrepreneur or a social media manager. WhatsApp, on the other hand, shows incredible rates of engagement. A customer has to be present on the WhatsApp platform more than the others. 

98 percent of WhatsApp messages are read upon their receipt. So, we can safely say that WhatsApp is far ahead of the other social media platforms. For instance, if you send a message about your newly set up spa services on WhatsApp, it is likely to be read more than a Facebook ad (it depends on when the customer will access Facebook). 

4. The private messaging channels help a lot to your business indirectly

You might not be aware of it, but private messaging channels such as WhatsApp spread the word without your knowledge. Even if you don’t actively share a message about your product or service, it gets shared within the private circle. 

5. Customers are ready to purchase from a brand that is active on WhatsApp during and after the sales

You must have met a customer who complained about a fake brand? They buy a product, pay for it, and the company never shows up with the delivery. If the customers can interact with the company through a messaging platform, they will be more interested in buying from such an organization. It does not limit to product delivery; it is also applicable to after-sales services or money-back guarantee and warranty services. The more your business interacts with customers; you can seek their trust easily. 

6. You can seek reviews and feedback about your products from the customers with ease

As a business entrepreneur, it is essential to seek feedback, testimonials, reviews, and ratings about what you sell or provide to a customer. Some customers might forget or procrastinate on this task as it is not very important for them. 

But when you connect with them on WhatsApp, you can request reviews and feedback instantly. If they forget, you can remind them. 

7. You can use incentives to attract and retain more customers

WhatsApp is an excellent platform to inform customers and make them purchase your products again by offering them freebies or discounts. You can even conduct contests on Groups and announce a giveaway or a Buy 1 Get 1 offer. Remember to personalize your messages. Even if you connect with 256 people, when it comes to one-to-one interaction, personalization is the key. 

Every customer needs to be treated as special and WhatsApp platform can help you achieve this goal. You can set up a customer service representative to take care of your WhatsApp marketing services or you can handle your entire business on this platform. 

In a nutshell, WhatsApp should be given more significance by a business entrepreneur, even if it is an unrated marketing tool. Follow the tips given below, and you can use this tool to get more customers and revenue. 


1. What is WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business?

WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business is the use of WhatsApp messaging to engage with customers and promote products or services. It is a cost effective and efficient way to reach potential customers and increase sales.

2. What are the benefits of WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business?

WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business allows businesses to reach their target audience more quickly and cost effectively than traditional marketing methods. It also allows businesses to have direct conversations with customers and build relationships with them.

3. How can I get started with WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business?

You can get started with WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business by setting up a WhatsApp business profile and then implementing your strategy. This includes creating content and selecting the target audience for your campaigns.

4. What type of content should I create for WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business?

Content for WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business should focus on providing valuable information, such as special offers or discounts, advice or tips, and fun facts about the product or service.

5. How often should I send out messages for WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business?

It is recommended that you send messages for WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business no more than once a day. This will help to avoid overloading your customers with messages and ensure that they stay interested in your content.

6. What should I do if I encounter any issues while using WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business?

If you have any queries or problems with WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business, then you can reach out to WhatsApp’s support team for assistance. They will be able to answer any of your questions and help you with any problems.

7. How can I measure the success of my WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business?

The success of your WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business can be measured by tracking the engagement of your campaigns, such as the number of reactions, shares, and clicks. This will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns.

8. What are the best practices for using WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business?

The best practices for WhatsApp Marketing for Small Business include having a clear understanding of your target audience, creating appealing content, and having a dedicated team to handle customer inquiries.